10 Day Italy Itinerary

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March 22, 2024

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10 days in Italy is the perfect amount of time to truly get a taste of the country and the culture – just enough to get fully immersed yet leave you wanting more. Complete with stops throughout the country, this 10 day itinerary in Italy includes two city stops and two slow-paced scenic stops. There are many options for travel along the route. First, there’s always the train if you’re ok with a more structured schedule and timing as tickets will need to be purchased ahead of time. For a true luxury experience, I recommend Blacklane car service, which is what we used for travel from the Amalfi Coast to Rome. Use code LUSHTOBLUSH15 for 15% off! Finally, the most adventurous option is to rent a car. This is definitely the way to go for the Tuscany portion, allowing you to road trip around the region at your leisure. There’s so much to do in each of these destinations that they all deserve their own travel guide, so I’ll be sure to link those with all my recommendations soon. Until then, here’s my Italian itinerary for 10 days.


  • When it comes to building out a 10 day itinerary in Italy and you’re coming from the US, you’ll almost always need to start and finish in one of the big cities. I found a flight deal to Florence and then found another out of Rome, so my 10 days in Italy starts here and ends in Rome. You can always do this Italian itinerary in reverse if it suits your wallet better. 

    Starting off in Florence was perfect for us. It ended up being my favorite city in the country. I have a special connection to Florence since I was born there (ok fine, it was Florence, Alabama but I still feel a connection!). The city is vibrant, full of culture, so stylish, and lively without being overcrowded. 

    We stayed at La Gemma and the location could not have been more perfect. We could walk anywhere we wanted to go, including the famous Gucci Garden which was one of the highlights for me (pictured above!). I’ll be doing a full travel guide, but when in Florence, you have to get a famous sandwich from I Fratellini. I recommend one with truffle!

    Hotel recommendation: La Gemma Firenze


  • Tuscany is a destination I have dreamed of visiting for years, so when I found the flight deal to Florence, I knew it was at the top of my list for my 10 days in Italy. As a red wine lover, I figured we’d visit tons of wineries, but that didn’t end up being the case. After traveling for so many hours and going nonstop in Florence, Ryan and I were in need of some downtime. This is why it’s so important to be selective when choosing accommodations. You never know when you will feel the need to slow down and enjoy the moment. After all, Tuscany provides the perfect backdrop to indulge in “il dolce far niente” – the sweetness of doing nothing.

    Our hotel, Borgo San Vincenzo, had it all – a restaurant and bar, a pool, indoor and outdoor lounge areas, and plenty of space to stretch out in our little villa. We did venture off and do a lot so I’ll be sure to share more details in a travel guide soon!

    Hotel recommendation: Borgo San Vincenzo


  • Arguably one of the most picturesque locales in the world, the Amalfi Coast is a bucket list destination for many. And with good reason. It borders on tropical, but it’s not beachy; it’s mountainous, but not rugged; it’s chic, but not pretentious – all while exuding that Italian charm that continues to attract tourists year after year. This part of Italy is dotted with a collection of small villages, seaside towns, and coastal retreats, providing an array of options for any kind of traveler.

    Since it was my second time in the area and having already visited Positano and Capri many years ago, Ryan and I opted for the more romantic Ravello area – Scala to be exact. It’s not close enough to the sea to easily go for a dip, but close enough for stunning views from the comfort of our luxury boutique hotel. We roamed the streets, drank wine, and ate pizza to our hearts’ content. 

    Our hotel, Palazzo Pascal, was an adorable boutique hotel that felt more like a private villa with staff. It was so quintessentially coastal Italian, plus they have a restaurant and bar on site so the convenience is great – especially in a more remote area. 

    Hotel recommendation: Palazzo Pascal


  • Of course, you can’t have an Italian itinerary without a stop in Rome. Sadly, we only had one full day left in our 10 days in Italy, but we rationalized that Rome would be the easiest to get to for another future visit to Italy. However, 24 hours is enough time to visit the hotspots like the Colluseum, the Trevi Fountain, and the Spanish Steps. For this shorter stop in Rome, I recommend staying in the city center so you’re walking distance to the sights. Next time we will probably stay in Travestere for a more local experience.

    There’s no denying Rome is a special place. I’ll be honest, it was chaotic. But that didn’t take away from the magic of Rome. In fact, on our last night, we had the most amazing dinner of our entire trip at Da Gino al Parlamento. It’s nothing fancy or elegant, but it’s perfectly Roman with delicious food, the friendliest service, and excellent prices. Including a liter of wine, an appetizer, two pastas, dessert, and limoncello, our total was just €40. Special thanks to our Blacklane driver for the recommendation!

    Hotel recommendation: Portrait Roma


When going to Italy, a travel itinerary of 10 days is the ideal amount in my opinion. We got to see a lot and really get a feel for the country, but there’s so much more to see. Maybe next time we will visit Mila, Lake Como, and the Dolomites!

Have you ever been to Italy? What would you add to this Italian travel itinerary?

Photos by Ryan Carpenter.

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