2015 Goals: Travel

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Traveling is one of my biggest passions in life. Growing up, my family never took family vacations. We went to Arkansas sometimes to visit family, but believe me, that does not count. I wish every day that I was more well traveled. That’s why I’m making it a point to travel to places I’ve never been in 2015. To at least 5 places I’ve never been to be exact.

In college and right after I graduated, traveling was pretty much impossible. I was lucky if I could join a group dinner on a friend’s birthday. To say that I lived paycheck to paycheck would be an understatement. Not to mention I was allowed two vacation days after working at the company for a year. Yeah. I never made it that long. So now that I’m getting closer to being comfortable financially and working for myself, travel is #2 on my list for where to allocate my money. Number 1 is saving that money (obviously this is after bills), so once I hit a certain number, I allow myself to go on one trip. I love love love fashion, but I would 100% rather spend my money seeing the world.

First on the list is Kauai, Hawaii. I’ll be there for 8 days next month and I couldn’t be more excited. Seriously. It’s all I think about. And obviously along with this traveling comes a new travel series! I’ll be documenting my trip and sharing those adventures and photos here. I can’t wait for my first trip and hope I’ll be able to go on many more trips this year. I’d love any suggestions!

Where is your favorite place in the world? Do you have any 2015 travel goals?

Film photography by Johnny Cheng.