3 Home Decor Hacks that Changed Everything

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March 2, 2023

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Before I moved into my new home in 2020, I was never much of a decorator. I kept things as basic as possible since I was always renting. In hindsight, that was so silly of me. There are tons of things renters can do to make a home feel unique, but for some reason, I just never put in the effort. Now that I have flipped that switch, I love all things home decor. I’ve designed my entire home myself and learned quite a few things along the way. There are three things that really made a big impact on my home decor success.

1. Treat Your Home Like a Hotel

When I purchased my home in 2020, it was the height of the pandemic, and traveling was not happening for anyone–even traveling to the grocery store! So since I couldn’t travel, I found myself missing those gorgeous boutique hotels with impeccable design, yet a welcoming feel. When I was decorating my home, it dawned on me that I could recreate that at home. So instead of going for more neutral items with the thought that they’d last longer through trends, I let go of that and bought items I actually wanted. So what if they’re trendy? Home decor trends aren’t like clothing trends – they last much longer and aren’t quite as over the top and bold. Most things are easy enough to switch out, not to mention that they can be resold on places like Facebook Marketplace when it comes time to replace them. In fact, trendy items can be much easier to sell second-hand since they’re harder to find in stores.

Another way I treat my home like a hotel is with dedicated spaces. For example, I put all my teas together in an adorable organizer on my kitchen counter, right next to my kettle. This helps keep things organized, but also adds a touch of luxury. The only downside is that I’ve done such a great job at making my home convenient for my life that now when I’m at hotels, I miss being home!

2. Don’t Be Afraid of Bold Statements

As I mentioned already, going for those bolder trendier pieces can pay off. Of course, it doesn’t have to be every piece (unless you’re a maximalist – go for it!), but move outside the box a little bit. For example, I love all white everything and a light, airy feel. But we decided to go black for our bar wall. We had an artist paint on top of that black backdrop and it’s one of our favorite areas in our home. That contrast with the lighter decor is perfect for creating balance and keeping things fun and fresh instead of bland. It still feels like me, just more amplified.

This doesn’t have to only apply to colors and patterns, the same goes for those bold furniture pieces, like my terrazzo coffee table. I was so worried it was too trendy and I’d get sick of it quickly, but it’s been almost two years now and I’m still very much in love with it.

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3. Give Each Room a Loose “Theme”

I say theme because I don’t have a better word for it, but this helped me so much when it came to shopping for my home. We decided our kitchen would have a clean, fresh theme with touches of earthy elements, our dining room would be midcentury modern, and our bedroom will be zen (that project is next on the list!). Now when I’m shopping for my bedroom, or even just come across something that says “zen” to me, I imagine it in the bedroom. This helps me shop even when I’m not intending to, and also helps keep the room cohesive. Once you have those staple pieces that set the theme, you can build around those to pull it all together.

As an interior design newbie, I feel pretty happy with the outcome and these little tricks I’ve learned. Another tip I’m venturing into is DIY thanks to my bestie Erica. She’s extremely creative and can literally make a pringles can look like a gorgeous piece of decor. DIY is a big part of true interior design since it can not only stretch a budget, but it makes a space truly one of a kind. I have already created one piece of artwork myself and I love how it turned out. I definitely hope to continue to build my DIY skills and create some magic!

What are your top home decor hacks?

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Photos by Ryan Carpenter.