30 Before 30

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30 before 30 list, bucket list, travel bucket list

A couple months ago, I started writing a 30 before 30 list – 30 things I want to do before I turn 30. I’ve never made one of these lists before, but I’m at a point in my life right now where I’m experiencing a lot of change and growth, so I figured this would be the perfect time to try some new things and cross them off my bucket list. Here’s what I plan to do in the next couple years:

1. Go to Greece – who doesn’t want to see those pretty blue domes in person?
2. Get 5 passport stamps – So far I have 4. Only one more to go!
3. Learn to live on my own – I’ve done this before, but I mean really really live on my own. It’s going pretty well so far!
4. Live in the moment
5. Buy a property
6. Visit a new continent – Asia, here I come!
7. Visit a new state – I love to travel internationally, but it’s just as important to see my own country!
8. Master yoga – I’ve been doing yoga every day lately and I absolutely LOVE it!
9. Try skiing – I mean try it for real. Not just put on the skis and get too scared, which has happened more times than I’m willing to admit.
10. Learn how to surf – Kind of cliche but I think it would be really cool and fun!
11. Become fluent in Spanish – I’m well on my way thanks for Duolingo!
12. Bake something complicated – like a berry tart or something. I did make that cronut that one time though…
13. Win an award
14. Volunteer for a charity – I’ve done this before but I really want to do it again soon!
15. Go to Epcot – to drink around the world, obv.
16. Go on a sailboat
17. Have a picnic – I’ve of course done this before but I want to do it again!
18. Learn not to worry so much – totally a major problem for me.
19. Plant a garden
20. Write a book – already in the works!
21. Jump off a cliff into water
22. Go on a solo trip
23. See a Broadway show
24. Hike/Climb a mountain
25. Visit a volcano
26. Go zip lining 
27. Visit 3 different types of churches/temples – one down (La Sagrada Familia Basilica in Barcelona), two to go. I’ll be visiting a temple in Thailand for sure!
28. Create something with my hands (i.e. Pottery, painting, etc.)
29. Spend a night under the stars
30. Go snorkeling 


I think I’ll get a good amount of these done on my upcoming trip to Thailand. I’m so super excited though! I think making a list like this is a really fun and exciting way to spice things up and make sure you live life to the fullest. Once I finish this list, maybe I’ll make a new one. 40 before 40. Oh man, I wonder what will be on that one! Until then, I think I’ll be having lots of fun.

Have you ever made a 30 before 30 list?