4 Things I Love About Blogging

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March 2, 2019

HP, that bass tour, meghan trainor, HP x360, what I love about blogging, blogging perks

Three years ago this week I bought my domain, created a WordPress(.com) blog and wrote my first post. I’ve certainly come a long way from then (seriously, please don’t look at my archives) and learned a lot along the way. From a creative outlet I thought no one would read to three years later blogging full time, I couldn’t be happier with where blogging has lead me. There are so many things to love about blogging, but I’ve narrowed it down to 4:


I’ve always said the best part of blogging is the community. I have met so many incredible people thanks to blogging and some have even become my best friends. It’s so special to connect with others who share your passions–and can relate so some of those silly #bloggerprobs like an overflowing closet or a company belittling your rate. And what’s better than a blogger coffee date?

Constant Learning

I am always learning something new thanks to blogging. I would have never been able to start a full service media agency with another blogger had I not gained the experience of blogging. I am now a pro at photoshop, indesign, social media, and more. I’ve learned how to take and edit photos, how to negotiate with brands and PR reps, how to freaking design a website and the list goes on. Whether I’m able to continue to rely on my blog income in the future or not, I’ve gained so many skills that I’ll be prepared for a whole myriad of jobs if it ever comes to that.

HP, that bass tour, meghan trainor, HP x360, what I love about blogging, blogging perks

Working from Home

Before I started blogging full time, I had one full time job. It lasted about eight months and it was pure hell. There was blatant disregard for labor laws and I felt like I was in jail. I always knew that I didn’t like doing what other people told me to–I need creative freedom in order to thrive and grow–but this was an extreme that I will never let myself go through again. Because of my experience, I truly appreciate working from home, being my own boss and most of all, having lunch whenever I damn well please.

Creative Campaigns

Working with brands to create new and interesting content is definitely one of my favorite things about blogging. I love partnering with brands that I think my readers would like to know about and putting my own spin on their products. Whether it be styling an outfit, creating a beauty look or coming up with a unique recipe, integrating sponsorships into my blog posts is actually fun for me. By now you’ve most likely heard about the innovative Meghan Trainor’s Lips Are Movin’ video featuring creative influencers coming together to create the video using HP products. As a creative professional in PR, this campaign is something I absolutely love and find so incredibly inspiring. And now they’re continuing the partnership by going on tour together; you can even follow along in the fun here.

HP, that bass tour, meghan trainor, HP x360, what I love about blogging, blogging perks

I’m so honored to be included in an extension of that campaign by sharing this post inspired by the 4 modes of HP’s x360: Laptop, Tablet, Tent and Stand. To tell you the truth, I didn’t think I’d actually use all 4 modes, but I do! They come in so handy and it was perfect when my bestie and her family visited this past weekend. I let them borrow the x360 and Meghann used the stand mode for her online workout routines, her man used tent mode to watch sports & practice his golf swing, and their daughter loved the touchscreen feature in tablet mode for her games! My personal faves are the laptop and tablet mode. I’ve always wanted a tablet, but felt I needed a laptop more, especially for emergencies on the go. Now I don’t have to choose thanks to HP’s x360!

Are you a fellow blogger? What are your favorite things about blogging?

Photos by Johnny Cheng.