4 Ways to Hide Oily Hair

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March 18, 2021

We’ve all been there: it’s day 3 without a shampoo and your hair is in no way acceptable for a public outing, yet time doesn’t allow you the hour (or more) it takes to wash, dry and style those locks. After all, it has been engrained in our minds that shampooing everyday harms our hair. So what’s a girl to do? Never fear, Lush to Blush has come up with 7 styles that can take you from dirty to flirty in a snap.

1. Steer into the Skid. Your hair is oily, you have to face it, so why not take advantage and slick it down even more into a tight, high pony. The look has a clean feel since your face will be totally clear of flyaways, yet a certain edge factor. Finish it off by wrapping a bit of hair around the pony for a polished look.

2. Opt for a high bun. Go big a la Carrie Bradshaw or be trendy and rock a top knot. Both looks are ultra-chic and show no sign of grease. For added security, apply a drop of gel or hairspray to your roots to ensure they stay in place.

3. Get low with an elegant up-do. If you find yourself looking for a change, try this style. Start by pinning back some of your roots with some bobby pins–like you would if you were to wear a half-up half-down ‘do–this should obstruct views of any oil. Next secure a low pony or pull-through bun with an elastic. Then just start pinning. You’ll end up with an elegant look that was super easy and fast.

4. Cover it up! This is probably the easiest way to wear oily hair and there are more options than you may think. You could wear a sun hat, felt hat, fedora, baseball cap, beanie, and so many more! Hats have been making a huge comeback, so jump on the bandwagon and wear this accessory with function! Other fun accessories that can hide that excess oil include headbands, scarves and turbans.


Would you try any of these looks? How do you deal with day 3 hair?