9 Ways To Accessorize Your Apartment

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March 18, 2021

Often times, in apartments and rental homes tenants are not allowed to paint the walls or make any other semi-permanent changes. To spice up the atmosphere and make it your own, you need to be creative and think of other ways to decorate the space.  Here are 9 easy ways you can accessorize your rental space without having to worry about losing your deposit.

1. Place Settings –  Having an interesting tablescape with nice china is one way to bring color into any space. This option would most likely be used when you are having a get-together. They do not need to be expensive, either. Stores like Job Lot have a lot of cute plates for a $1 and under for summer. *image 1: Tea Cup $31 at rume.co.uk

2. Out of the Ordinary Furniture – Having interesting furniture is another way to liven up a space. The furniture will act as a three-dimensional sculpture that looks just like a piece of art. The furniture does not have to have a crazy shape. It could be upholstered with a bold printed fabric. Reupholstering old furniture is easy and inexpensive. All you need is a fabric of your choice and a staple gun. *image 2: Lounge Chair at beinteriordecorator.com

3. Vases – There are a lot of cool vases on etsy that you don’t see everyday. Vibrant vases are great on a kitchen counter, table or shelf. It is an inexpensive way to decorate and you can always move it to another room or transfer it to your next home. Tip: Having 3 vases at different heights will work as an art form. *image 3: Multi-Colored Glass Vase $650 at artfulhome.com

4. Lighting – Lighting can really dictate the mood for space. If you like a lighter atmosphere, more light will do you good if you don’t have a lot of sunlight. If you like a darker atmosphere, light will work against you, so having heavy drapery will help this case. Lamps can also be interesting and lively and can be used a three-dimensional form of art. *image 4: Lamp at instyle-decor.com

5. Area Rugs – You would be surprised how much an area rug can add to space. Even though it is on the floor, it can add a pop of color where it is needed and can easily be removed when it is time to move out. *image 5: Leather Zebra Rug $2,363 at dwr.com

6. Towels & Linens – This scenario works in the bathroom and bedroom situation. Towels can add a pop of color when hung on a rod in the bathroom. Linens in the bedroom can really make a statement in the bedroom and can be changed with the seasons. *image 6: Towel Set $6.26 at johnlewis.com

7. Wall Art – This may seem like a no-brainer, but wall art is what is going to make your walls pop. There are two ways you can go about this. One way is to have one statement art piece on the wall. I recommend this because when it is buy itself, it is not competing with anything else. The second option is to group together a bunch of small art pieces that could work together to create a statement. The second option is much harder to do. I would suggest using options one and two on different walls in your home to mix things up a bit. The wall art can also be two-dimensional or three-dimensional. Another great form of wall art is wall decals. They have some really great decals, both pictures and quotes for very affordable prices. Again, variety is highly encouraged. Tip: For easy removal, use command strips. *image 7: Flower Painting $285 at etsy.com

8. Pillows and Throws – On furniture, pillows and throws can really add to what you already have. If you have a solid color piece of furniture, try a printed or textured pillow. If you have a printed piece of furniture, try a solid throw or pillow. I also encourage variety here because grouping pillows with different colors and textures can create a focal point in your room. And don’t worry too much about matching everything together perfectly. A fun mix of patterns shows you know how to relax and have some fun with your decor. *image 8: Printed Pillow at mariskameijers.com

9. Plants – I would only recommend this option if you love nature or are good at taking care of plants. If not, dead plants can take away from a space or it could create an atmosphere you don’t like. I do not recommend fake flowers because they can come off as cheap. If you don’t mind spending the money, fresh flowers add an unbelievable amount of beauty to any home. *image 9: Flowered Vase – $295 at neimanmarcus.com