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January 20, 2020

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With Prime Day right around the corner (July 15!), I figured it’d be the perfect time to finally share my shopping hacks post I’ve been working on. If you’re not already an Amazon Prime member, snag a 30-day trial here. Amazon can be so amazing. I’ve been completely spoiled by same day shipping and find it hard to shop anywhere that won’t have my order to me within two days. But when it comes to fashion, the Amazon site is all over the place. There are a few things I’ve discovered that really help me navigate it though. These are my best Amazon shopping hacks!

1. Shop Amazon Fashion

Instead of just searching for what you’re looking for, take the time to go to the section. Click the different categories (or brands) instead of searching. Amazon has some really great owned brands that I love, so you can never go wrong with those. A simple search can be super overwhelming and not very accurate, so I always take this route instead.

2. Look for reviews with photos

Of course, it’s pretty much common sense to look for reviews on those items you’re looking to purchase, but reviews that have photos are so much more helpful. It’s the first thing I look at when I’m considering buying something on Amazon. If that particular item doesn’t have many (or any) reviews, I always check out the seller page to make sure they’re legit. Red flags are no reviews or fake-looking reviews, a brand new store, and items for sale that are all over the place – like a dress and a plunger both by same seller. Weird!

3. Always stick to Prime items

Amazon is amazing with returns, but especially on their Prime items. These products ship directly from Amazon instead of from the seller, so Amazon assumes more responsibility. I have returned things for a variety of reasons and never had an issue. Plus, returns are always free with Prime! Not to mention some items can even arrive the same day if you’re in a city like me! I do order non-prime every once in a while, but really, nothing beats Prime shipping!

4. Shop your favorite stores via Amazon

– and score quick shipping!
This is by far my favorite hack. Did you know stores like , Zappos, and 6pm also sell on Amazon? These stores are very reputable, so you know you’re getting good quality, brand name products when you shop with these stores. But you also get the ease and convenience of Amazon and their awesome shipping. I always go to Amazon Fashion and then hover over Women. In that dropdown, there is a . Then on the left hand side where all the options are, I scroll down to Seller, which is the last one, and select, 6pm, Zappos, and Shopbop. It’s so much easier to have one quick checkout than shopping all these stores separately!

And of course, I can’t end the post without sharing a few of my current favorite finds!

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What are your Amazon shopping hacks?

Photo by Ryan Carpenter.