Another big surprise from Somme.

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March 24, 2012

So I’ve been using Somme and love it, that much we all know. However, I recently started using it on my daughter who suffers from severe acne. Poor thing, if I could take it from her I would! I had read that acne sufferers were getting great results from using the product and wanted to try it on my daughter. I glad I did! The results are nothing short of staggering. I mean I am SERIOUSLY considering asking Somme Institute to marry me….I’m loving them that much! I will post some before and after photos of my daughter soon to show you the incredible difference, but let’s just say if you or someone you know is suffering from acne, try it!!

I should add also that I am not paid by Somme in any way, I was introduced to the product by Dana Wilkey and will be forever grateful for her and Somme’s generosity.