Apply Makeup Like a Pro

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March 18, 2021


Ever see a makeup artist’s collection of brushes and wonder what the hell all those brushes are for? I know I have and if that has anything to do with the stellar results, then maybe I should get my hands on a brush set! But first, it is important to know the best uses for each type of brush. We all know what an eyeliner brush and a concealer brush does, but for the more advanced brushes, L2B is here to break it down for you.

Foundation brush: Applying foundation with a brush is advantageous for many reasons. First of all, using a tool instead of your hands is much cleaner (and oil-free!), which reduces breakouts. A brush also provides even results without wasting product like some sponges do.

Angled powder brush:Adding an angled powder brush to your routine adds contour and definition to your blush, bronzer or highlighter. The angle gives you more precision when applying powder, but also applies a heavier amount.

Fan brush: Now if you want the opposite effect of what you get using an angled powder brush, go for a fan brush. Fan brushes lightly pick up product and apply a very small amount in a wider, more spread out area. This is perfect for light blush application or highlighter. A fan brush can also be used to gently wipe away fallen eyeshadow on the cheekbones without leaving a mark.

Angled eyeshadow brush: An angled eyeshadow brush is perfect for adding depth and dimension to eyes. The longer part of the brush reaches into the crease to apply product.

Eye blender brush: Use this brush to apply a base or all over color to your lids. Then use it again to blend everything together. The fluffy bristles make it perfect for blending in a way that appears more natural.

Moon Shadow Brush: This cleverly angled brush is shaped to fit perfectly on the eyelid. The longer parts of the brush pick up more product and apply it directly into the crease and along the lash line to enhance the natural lines of the eye.

What brushes do you use for makeup application? Are there any more that you can add to the list?