At-Home Date Night Ideas for Social Distancing and Beyond

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September 11, 2020

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Yall hanging in there? This quarantine and social distancing time can be tough, but it’s important to work to make the best of it. If you feel like punching your SO in the face (lol), maybe it’s time for a little date night at home to get things back on track. I’m lucky that Ryan and I are used to working from home together, but we used to love going out to dinner or a brewery. Now that we’re confined to our homes, here’s what we’ve been doing for date night at home!

1. Dinner & a Movie
This is a classic for a reason. So even though we can’t go out and do this in public, we can do it at home! Try cooking something simple together, like homemade personal pizzas or tacos. When it comes to the movie, I always like to choose movies that really make you think. After all, the conversation discussing the movie afterwards is the best part!

2. Patio Happy Hour
This is probably our favorite. We have an outdoor space that we never used enough until now. Since it’s finally nice out, we make sure we enjoy it. Ryan and I will each grab a beer and head outside to talk and spend time together. We make sure to leave our phones inside so we can fully enjoy the experience!

3. Play Games
Games for two can be hard to find, but there are ways to get creative. Of course there’s always the classic card games or dominoes, but we also love scrabble (or Words with Friends) and Monopoly. And if your man has a video game system, give it a shot! Luckily Ryan has a Super Nintendo and I’m a boss at anything Mario so our game nights are a blast. If you’re also a Mario fan, search the app store for the iPhone version!

4. Make a TikTok
If you haven’t discovered the world of TikTok yet, then you’re in for a treat. Ryan LOVES being silly, doing different accents, and putting on a show, so this is perfect for us. The app is so addicting and I promise it’s not all teenagers. Plus it’s really easy to just copy the other videos and participate in the community trends.

5. Go on a Picnic…in your car
Since it’s not essential to go on picnics, I wouldn’t recommend doing them in public if you’re under a stay at home order in your state, but there is an alternative: car picnics! Pack your car up with pillows and blankets. You can either choose to pack a meal or support a local restaurant and get some take out. Opt for a change in scenery and drive somewhere pretty like the beach or a mountain view. Play some music and enjoy being out of the house as you eat. And if you have a sunroof, you can stargaze afterwards! Sorry this one isn’t technically at-home, but whatever.

blind taste test

6. Have a Beer/Wine/Bourbon/Whatever Tasting
Alcohol has been deemed essential for a reason, yall. No, for real though. Instead of simply drinking your sorrows away, have fun with it and actually learn more about what you’re drinking. Quiz each other, do blind tastings, and find out what the other likes most. Ryan and I prefer bourbon and this is definitely something we love to do together!

Ryan and I have enjoyed all of these fun date night ideas, but we are always open to more! Chime in below with your favorites!

What are you doing at home for date night?

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Top Photo by Jake Meyer; bottom photo by Ryan Carpenter.