Atlanta Eats: Highland Bakery

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August 22, 2013

highland bakery, atlanta

When I first moved to Atlanta, one of the most unexpected suggestions I received from everyone I met was that I just had to try so-and-so for brunch. I had no idea that this city was full of so many brunch fans but hey, no complaints here! I seem to fit right in with that crowd.

The first spot I chose to check out for brunch was Highland Bakery in Midtown. I knew this was not the primary location, but I was feeling particularly lazy on this Sunday afternoon, so my friend and I decided to opt for the closer location.

When we got there, we saw that there was complimentary valet—score! Unfortunately, there was no one there to take our keys so we were forced to find our own parking—a task that proved to be an adventure of its own. After exploring a seemingly abandoned parking garage, we decided to street park. As we attempted to exit, the machine wouldn’t take our ticket and we had to call for help and about five minutes later, finally escaped the creepy garage. We ultimately found a parking lot down the road that charged $5 for parking.

When we walked inside, we were greeted by a line of customers waiting to order at the counter. The atmosphere was that of a take out restaurant, but there were tables in the adjoining office building that were serviced by the Highland Bakery staff. I ordered a coffee and croissant to snack on as I waited for my main course, the Rustic Italian: two pieces of grilled rosemary garlic bread with melted mozzarella served with sautéed mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes, onions, red peppers with two over medium eggs topped with marinara, fresh basil and shredded Vermont white cheddar (choice of grits or potatoes). Sadly, they were out of the special pumpkin white mocha latte that they advertised above the coffee bar, so I settled for a hazelnut white mocha latte, which turned out to be extremely sweet. My friend ordered the Breakfast BLT along with two mini donuts as an appetizer.

highland bakery, atlanta

highland bakery, atlanta

We were given our numbers to display at our table and sat down. We shared the decadent mini donuts; I could have eaten ten of those yummy little guys. About five minutes after we sat down, a member of the staff brought my friend her Breakfast BLT and I continued to wait another five minutes for my food (even though I ordered first). After my food came, my croissant came, which I no longer wanted since I had ordered it to snack on as I waited for my entrée. Oh well.

My Rustic Italian was phenomenal. I seriously loved it! The serving was enormous and I could barely get through half of it, but it was worth every bite. I opted for the potatoes as my side, but got a little taste of my friend’s grits, which were smothered in jalapeno cheese—amazing! I used her jalapeno cheese on my potatoes as well and just thinking about it makes me want to head back to Highland Bakery. Like right now.

Overall, I was very pleased with my food at Highland Bakery. The service could have been better and the parking situation wasn’t ideal, but honestly, it was all totally worth it. And my friend agreed. So if you’re looking for a place with exceptionally tasty food and aren’t too high maintenance, Highland Bakery will do it for you.

Have you ever been to Highland Bakery? What was your opinion?

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