Avoce Eyewear Home Style & Trial

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avoce eyewear review, home style & trial

I don’t know about you, but I love at home try ons for glasses. It’s so much fun to really take new glasses for a spin to see if you like them. I’m currently doing the “home style & trial” (how cute is that name, btw?) from Avoce and it has been a blast. When shopping their site, I thought a few of the styles looked so cute, but since I had never seen anything like it, I didn’t know how the frames would look on my face. Luckily, Avoce offers the home style & trial completely free of charge, so of course I had to take advantage.

First I picked some optical frames. I already have one pair that I love, but it is always nice to switch it up. I thought the Ariela frames were really cool and unique. What do you think? Can I pull them off?

avoce eyewear review, home style & trial

Next, I went with two pairs of sunglasses because I mean, can a girl really ever have too many pairs of sunglasses? Sunglasses are an accessory and can completely pull a look together, so I need to have my selections. I am typically drawn towards cateye, so I picked the Carolina pair to try at home, but there was another style that stood out to me. The Luciana reminds me of the sixties with her large frames in that rounded shape. I was so surprised by how much I actually really liked them! And although the trial pairs are just plain lenses, when you order, all the lenses for sunglasses are polarized, which is a total steal at the under $100 price point!

avoce eyewear review, home style & trial

Overall, my experience with Avoce was great. I am so glad I got to try on these glasses at home and I think I have a favorite I’m leaning towards now, but I’d love it if you all could weigh in!

So which glasses should I get?

Photos by Johnny Cheng.