Bacardi Beach Party

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December 4, 2019

This post is sponsored by Bacardi. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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When you think of tropical drinks, what comes to mind? Most likely, it’s a rum-based drink, and that’s all I wanted during my time in Hawaii. So it would just make sense that I would partner with my fave, Bacardi, for my trip! Since everything is extremely expensive in Maui, we brought our own booze – definitely the right choice! This came in handy not only at the pool and in the hotel room, but it was perfect for our beach adventures.

On our way to Big Beach one day, we saw a fruit stand with coconut and pineapples. We had to stop so we could make some tasty drinks on the beach. I chose a pineapple and Lauren chose a coconut. While they were super cute for the photos, I definitely recommend buying them at a grocery store. These people charged us $30 for one coconut and one pineapple! Insane, right?! Anyway, the pineapple tasted good and was cute in the pics so whatever.

On the far right side of Big Beach is a secret beach called Little Beach. You have to basically hike a mountain to get there, but it was so worth it! This secluded beach turned out to be a nude beach! When in paradise, right?! It was so freeing to hang out there, and the crowd was super chill. Exactly what we needed for a relaxing afternoon.

For our drinks, all we brought was sparkling water and the Bacardi. I added the pineapple for some tropical flavor and that’s it! I stayed hydrated as I treated myself. It was the perfect afternoon! The next day at the pool, I used guava juice to mix the Bacardi with. So good! Next up is the Bahamas and I will certainly be treating myself to some rum drinks there as well.

What’s your favorite tropical drink?

Photos by Lauren Price.