Beauty Buy: Dior Cleansing Milk

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June 27, 2019

A few weeks ago, I made one of my better beauty decisions: I ordered Dior Gentle Cleansing Milk with Velvet Peony Extract. The first time I tried this amazingly silky face wash was about five years ago. My BFF (love you, Claudia!) introduced it to me and I have been obsessed ever since. But when Claudia graduated, she took all of her amazing designer beauty products with her.

I tried to put the Dior Cleansing Milk in the back of my mind–I figured there’s no way I could afford Dior anything, but I kept thinking about it. There were always other cleansers in my bathroom, but I knew Dior was the one. (So cliche! hehe) So this time, when I ran out of my gentle cleanser (Beauty 101: always keep a gentle cleanser and exfoliator in your beauty regimen), I decided to look up my old favorite. Luckily, my favorite beauty store, Sephora, had it in stock and I ordered it immediately! After an annoying mix-up (they were sold out of the Crystal Iris, so I opted for the Velvet Peony), I finally got my Dior Cleansing Milk for only $32!! I really thought it would be so much  more, especially after the Chanel moisturizer Clau got me hooked on is $75! But hey, if there’s one place to splurge, it’s on your health and beauty!

It was even better than I remembered. First of all, the bottle is HUGE. $32 is such a deal! I really couldn’t believe my eyes. Then I tried it. Note: a little goes a long way with this cleanser! One squirt is really all you need (sorry if I never noticed that before, Claudia! 😉 ). At first, it does not feel like you are really cleansing your face. The formula is so soft and silky, it is like you’re putting on lotion with some soap, but it really does a lot of work. All of my stubborn makeup came right off. When I dried my face, it did not feel dry and tight, it was so refreshed and moisturized. It really is a gentle cleanser.

Then came the results. My breakouts cleared up, my face felt softer and more moisturized all day, and I found myself washing my face more than ever before, which is a good thing in my case! I admit, before my Dior Cleansing Milk entered the picture, I was guilty of skipping a night or two of washing my face. Well, not anymore! I can’t wait to use it again and I have barely even made a dent in it. This bottle is going to last a long time. In fact, I might as well get a quick wash in right now.

Thanks, Claudia! 🙂