BeautyCounter Favorites

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Up until a couple weeks ago, I had never heard of BeautyCounter. I wasn’t particularly unhappy with the makeup and other beauty products I was using, but I’m always open to try new things. So when I got a comment about BeautyCounter on my Instagram, I was intrigued. A quick google search revealed some great info about the brand.

In the words of my new BeautyCounter consultant Kristen, “Beautycounter is a personal care products company that is on a mission to get safe and effective products (skin care, make-up, shampoo/conditioner & more) into the hands of everyone. I always tell people – think about how much you hear about what people are putting IN their bodies but there isn’t much conversation about what we put ON our bodies. So we’re here to chat it up about safe and effective personal care products by informing as many people as possible.” It turns out there are tons of ingredients banned in Europe and only 11 banned in the US – none of which Beautycounter uses in their products. They’re all about being safe and healthy, something I can totally get on board with!

I have pretty sensitive skin and most products break me out, but that was not the case with my new Beautycounter products – even the foundation. In fact, I think the foundation is my favorite of all. The coverage is amazing and the finish is a pretty, luminous sheen. The concealer is just as great and I love the brush applicator. I set the foundation with a powder, but it’s definitely fine to wear by itself.

I seriously love the bronzer/blush duo. Aren’t the colors so perfect for summer (I got tawny/whisper)? I use the bronzer just below my cheekbones and then sweep a little bit of the blush on the apples of my cheeks. It’s the best combo!

I’ve been using the oil every morning (I use a Dermalogica overnight product at night) and it smells so good. It reminds me of my essential oils, which is always a good thing! And finally, there’s the rose water facial mist. I have been wanting a facial mist for so long now, but I never knew which one to get. I suffer from dehydration all over my face, so this is extremely helpful for a little boost throughout the day. I can’t wait to use it in Florida this weekend!

I seriously couldn’t be happier with my new BC products and I’ll definitely be getting more soon. If you have any questions at all, be sure to contact Kristen – she’s the best!

Have you ever tried BeautyCounter?

Photo by Johnny Cheng.