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November 8, 2022

Luxury travel & lifestyle blogger, Lush to Blush shares the ultimate list of travel resources! Check out the best travel resources on the web!

I get asked constantly about travel and how I do it. It’s probably the most common question I get. So I decided to put together a travel resources post & pin it to my menu. These are the sites I use and recommend to fellow travelers. Remember, “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.

Flight Deals (all free newsletters!)

First and foremost, you need to get there. This is how I plan the majority of my trips. I wait for a good deal from Atlanta and when I see one, I jump on it. I have 2 rules: it has to be Delta and it has to be under $500. If I see a super cheap flight from say Miami, I’ll still check out the prices on getting there to take advantage of the deal. A lot of times it’s stll under my $500 limit.

The Flight Deal
This was the first flight newsletter I signed up for. I get it every day and I have found a lot of my flights through them. You can set your country of origin so you get flight deals from there.

Secret Flying
I think Secret Flying might be my new favorite, but I feel bad since I found The Flight Deal first! They never miss the best ones that The Flight Deal shares, but they also have more on top of that. It’s great for US travelers.

how to find flight deals

Scott’s Cheap Flights
This one has a paid option, but I can only comment on the free one. I like it a lot. There’s only one deal per email, but it’s always a good one. The paid option lets you target it to your region for your origin flight, so it’s more specific. I personally like to see the deals from everywhere though. If they were to add an airline-specific option, I think I’d sign up for the paid one.

Travel Credit Cards

Chase Sapphire Reserve

I signed up for this bad boy when they were having the 100,000 point bonus and it’s amazing. Points are worth 50% more when you redeem for travel, so 100,000 points gets me $1500 in travel credits to any airline or hotel! Definitely great if you’re a traveler. Plus, there are no foreign transaction fees and they have great customer service. There is a yearly fee of $450, but you get $300 in travel credit every year, so it ends up being just $150 really.

Delta Platinum American Express

This was the first travel card I got and the bonuses are amazing. You get one skymile for every dollar spent + double miles on all Delta purchases. It’s perfect for me since Delta is based out of Atlanta and pretty much any flight I would even want to take is Delta anyway. This is a great card to achieving gold, platinum, or even diamond status with Delta, which gets you free upgrades + more. With this card, if you spend at least $25k/year, the dollar spend requirement is waived for all status tiers. More than worth it for sure!

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Where to Stay

For the most authentic experience of living like a local and truly traveling as opposed to vacationing like a tourist (although it’s great for vacationing too!), I recommend Airbnb. Use my link for $40 off your first booking!

Hotels are great when you’re just looking to relax and not worry about anything. My all time favorite site for the best hotel deals is They always have the lowest prices and a great selection. I have never had an issue with the reservation. Can’t recommend this site enough!

What are your best travel tips?

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