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March 2, 2023

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Washable silk. Ah, the soft, luxurious fabric that not only feels great on the skin but is not a huge pain to wash! I’ve been obsessed lately and I’m literally wearing a set right now as I write this post. I absolutely love a good set and when loungewear meets silk clothing, it’s a dream come true. I first heard about Lunya washable silk and after a couple not-so-great service and quality experiences with the brand, I went on the hunt for more options. That’s when I discovered that Eberjey makes washable silk as well. I’ve been a fan of Eberjey pajamas for years so I knew I had to try them out to compare. So here’s my Eberyjey vs Lunya review on washable silk loungewear.

Washable Silk Clothing

What is washable silk? As we all know, traditional silk is strictly a dry clean only fabric. Silk that can be machine-washed is its thicker, stronger cousin. It’s still silk–just improved. is all natural and biodegradable while boasts using only bluesign®-approved dyes.

One thing I noticed about washable silk fabric is its sheen. I typically think of silk as a shiner finish. But the new version of silk clothing I’ve come across is a more crushed matte finish, especially after washing, which I actually love. I do own one vintage traditional silk shirt that has the same finish, so maybe my perception of silk being shiny was wrong to begin with!

Lunya Review

Since my first experience with silk that can withstand machine washing was with Lunya, I’ll address them first. Lunya washable silk is lightweight, luxurious, and absolutely beautiful. I own a couple different as well as a and I wear them often. However, while my sets and robe are high quality, I’ve found that the limited edition versions of Lunya Washable Silk High Rise Pant Set isn’t as well made as the others. The stitching is very loose and when I tried on a set in the store, it started falling apart. Given the very high price tag, I felt this was unacceptable. Overall though, as long as you avoid that set, the other washable silk pieces are beautiful and well-made. I will say that after washing, I find that the pieces to shrink slightly, and kind of loosen up a bit as you wear them.

After about six months of owning my first set from Lunya, I searched for more brands to try. My main reason was the price tag. I mean, this is a true luxury category but surely there had to be something a little more affordable out there. In my search, I found that Eberjey has washable silk and I was instantly excited. I’ve been wearing Eberjey pajamas for years and I love their stuff. Unfortunately, my search for lower-priced silk was fruitless. BUT, seeing a brand I know and trust be priced around the same as Lunya (as well as many other brands), made me feel that the price is fair for cost of goods and labor. This added a couple points to my Lunya review.

Eberjey Review

Like I said, I’ve been wearing Eberjey pajamas for years, so I knew quality wouldn’t be an issue, but I was excited to see if their washable silk fabric was the same as Lunya’s. Upon opening the package (with a super sweet note from the brand on top!), I could instantly tell that there are some slight differences between the brands. To me, Eberjey’s fabric feels lighter and has a very slight sheen to it. I received a pink and from Eberjey. These washable silk pieces make me feel like a goddess. They are so light and airy, it’s almost as if I’m wearing nothing! The flow the lightweight fabric creates is so elegant, and it’s something that Lunya doesn’t quite nail with their thicker version of this fabric.

Overall, both brands have great products, but I would personally feel more comfortable spending my money with Eberjey given the quality issues I’ve experienced with Lunya. However, I will say that Lunya does have a bit more variety when it comes to print and color options. In the end, I think I’ll probably stick to my Eberjey pieces in warmer months, while Lunya will be perfect for early spring and late fall. Guess it’s back to the drawing board for winter!

Have you ever tried washable silk loungewear?

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Photos by Ryan Carpenter.