Blog Talk: Photography 101

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March 2, 2019

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When it comes to blogging, one of the most important parts, by far, is the photography. I know when I invested in professional photography, my numbers exploded. It makes a blog that much more professional and makes a big impact when it comes to being featured by other publications. So I asked my photographer, Johnny Cheng, for his top 3 tips. This is what he said.

Photography can be overwhelming for a lot of people. Too many settings to understand and dials to figure out. But just keep playing with that camera, it’ll get easier- I promise. Before anything, it’s important to know your camera. Figure out what all the dials do and how every setting will effect your image.

*A quick tip to understanding shutter speed, aperture, and ISO: Shutter speed controls the length of time the cameras shutter is open. Aperture is the hole is that lets in the light. The smaller the number i.e 1.2 the larger the opening, allowing more light to pass through to the sensor. Large apertures are great for low light scenarios. Lastly, ISO is the sensitivity to light. The higher the number the more light your camera will sense.

There are plenty of good online sources. A quick search will bring up more options than you know what to do with so I’ll just tell you my favorite: CreativeLive. You can learn absolutely anything and everything you need to know about photography here.

Here are three of my favorite photography tips exclusively for Lush to Blush readers.
1. The easiest and most important tip is to use natural light. It’s just so beautiful and really a shame if you don’t use it. Shoot near a window any and every chance you get.

2. If you’re going to be shooting outside, do it at sunrise or sunset, trust me on this one. They don’t call it golden hour for nothing.

3. Invest in a reflector and learn how to use it. I like the 5 in 1 reflectors because you get a diffuser too. They go for around $20 on amazon. If you want to go the diy route you can just use a white foam poster board. The idea is to just bounce and shape the light where you need it so anything reflective will work beautifully. Once you learn how to use a reflector/ diffuser, you’ll notice a huge difference in your photographs.

With that said, you now have my permission to head over to Creativelive.

“The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go”
-Dr. Seuss

Are there any photography tips you’d add?

Photo by Johnny Cheng.


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