Blog Talk: Why WordPress is Better than Blogger

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March 2, 2019

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The WordPress vs. Blogger debate is one almost every blogger has undoubtedly come across and likely engaged in at some point or another. Bloggers passionately fight for both sides of this age old dilemma (ok, maybe I’m being a bit dramatic…) and while there are good sides of both, I wholeheartedly believe that WordPress is far superior to Blogger. I want to start by saying that I have used both; by WordPress, I mean the self-hosted version of WordPress; and this comparison is directed at bloggers who take their blog seriously and intend to monetize.

First, I’ll start with basics: WordPress is intuitive, easy to use, and simply looks better. Not much ruins a blog more than that hideous Blogger bar at the top. It’s like a big ad for Blogger that you don’t get paid for. And speaking of the looks, when it comes to design, WordPress designs are leaps and bounds ahead of Blogger designs. This is due to the virtually unlimited boundaries of WordPress & the tight restrictions of Blogger. Which leads me to my next point: control.

WordPress (or the WordPress site’s server, rather) gives the user complete control of all files, processes and HTML of the hosted site. In addition to the CSS style sheet of a WordPress blog, users have access to all PHP, (commonly known as the most powerful coding language), which controls the functionality of the website. This is why WordPress has the freedom that Blogger doesn’t. With Blogger, your site is hosted by Google, so Google is the one that controls all files. In fact, Blogger doesn’t even support PHP. Ever notice how all Blogger sites function basically the same? That’s because users & designers can’t code PHP for Blogger, resulting in 0 variation in the functionality from one blog to the next.

With the freedom of accessing (and uploading!) your own files comes the joy that is plugins. There are millions of them out there, creating virtually endless possibilities for add ons to your WordPress site. From sidebar widgets to pop ups, SEO boosters, and in-post features, there’s a plugin for pretty much everything. Don’t worry, your storage space is much larger with WordPress, so you don’t have to be concerned about limiting your plugins (or photos, posts, etc.). And if you run out, you can always expand via your server.

Finally, WordPress blogs are simply more professional, refined, and have a higher level of credibility, leading to more opportunities for sponsorships (even RewardStyle recommends WordPress over Blogger). Many of the websites you visit on a daily basis are run on WordPress. This includes your favorite stores, community sites like The Glitter Guide, and That’s right, Beyonce uses WordPress. Need I say more?

Do you think WordPress is better than Blogger? Or do you prefer Blogger? I’d love to discuss!

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