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Are you thinking about starting a blog? Or are you new to blogging? I’d love to help! In addition to my blog design & blog consulting services, I created a series all about blogging: Blog Talk. Read more about all the different aspects of blogging–from photography tips to how to monetize your blog–in my posts there. To get you started, here are some quick tips:

  1. I strongly suggest using self-hosted WordPress over any other platform. Aside from your domain ($12/year), the only cost to get you up and running is hosting services, which are just $4/mo. through Bluehost – the best hosting provider out there. I suggest also purchasing your domain through Bluehost so everything is neatly together in one place.
  2. Hiring a designer to create a custom design is always a good idea, but if you’re not ready to invest, pick a simple theme so your content can be the star.
  3. Speaking of, investing in yourself is always a good idea and always pays off in the end!
  4. No matter the topic of your blog, being unique is key. If you can’t hire a photographer, purchase a DSLR camera and take original photos.
  5. Don’t start blogging for the money – if there’s no passion in your posts, no one will want to read it, much less pay you to post something.

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