Breckenridge, Colorado Travel Guide

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December 13, 2021

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Breckenridge, Colorado Travel Guide

Why Breck?

When I was researching winter travel destinations, there were a lot of options. I wasn’t sure where to go, so I took to Twitter. The friendliest people I encountered, by far, were the people from Breck. I ended up getting in contact with the tourism company Go Breck! and they went above and beyond to make sure I was aware of all the best things to do in the area – and there are tons! I can’t recommend Breckenridge, Colorade enough!

Where to Stay

Grand Lodge on Peak 7
This place is amazing. It is completely cozy and cabiny, yet very modern, clean and luxurious. I stayed in a one bedroom and there was more than enough room with a nice, open full kitchen, a living room, a balcony with killer views, a dining room, a bedroom, a huge bathroom and best of all, a fireplace! Next time I go to Breck I’ll without a doubt stay here again. Very impressive! They have a delicious restaurant, an incredible spa, and a ski lift right outside. Oh and for when you feel like staying in, they also have free DVD rentals and movie theaters. I could live here!

Breckenridge colorado travel guide, what to do in breckenridge, breck travel guide, where to stay in Breckenridge, altitude sickness, breckenridge altitude

What to Do

Ski: Obviously. If you do, definitely check out Ski Butlers. So convenient!
Ice Skating: I’ve been ice skating before, but there’s just something special about ice skating outside, surrounded by snow. Very cool!
Sledding: So. much. fun! There’s an awesome hill where everyone gathers to slide down. It’s as much fun as it looks!
Dog Sledding: Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to do this while I was there, but it is something that’s so unique and would be an amazing experience. I’ll have to try it next time for sure!

Where to Eat

Brunch: Blue Rivier Bistro
I went here with my Colorado photographer and I am so glad she suggested it! I can confidently recommend the french toast as well as the red chilaquiles.
Apres Ski: Mi Casa
This place was by far the most recommended on my Instagram posts. It has such a cool happy hour. There’s this bar area where you can get free unlimited nachos and like $3 beers. So amazing. Plus you need like half the alcohol as usual to get a buzz in such a high altitude, so it’s a great deal!
Dinner: Sevens
This place is in Grand Lodge on Peak 7 and the pizza is so bomb. You also have to get the truffle fries. Obviously.

Watch Out For

Altitude Sickness. I really wish someone warned me about this before I went. I first flew into Denver, which is already very high altitude. I found out that people recommend staying a night there first before heading up to a mountain. Definitely would agree with that. Breckenridge is almost 13,000 ft high, so if you’re not used to that, you might get altitude sickness. It’s basically like being really really hungover. And it’s also tougher to breathe up there. I’ve never really understood oxygen bars. Definitely do now! They help, fa sho.

Have you ever been to Breckenridge? What are your tips?

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Photos by Emily Schmutz.