How to Get the Most out of Smudging

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November 22, 2022

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One of the most important factors to enjoying life and being truly happy is mindset. You know those people that always find something to complain about or something negative to say? No one wants to be that person. It can be easy to get caught up in the negative – especially right now. But adjusting your mindset is something anyone can do. You just have to be willing to put in the work.

Smudging for Beginners

Smudging, or burning sage, benefits everyone. Whether you’re in a funk or just always looking for ways to elevate your life, the sage burning ceremony will bring positive energy to those who seek it.

One of my favorite ways to stay positive is setting intentions and being present: two of the biggest keys to successful smudging for beginners. I’ll be honest, smudging is definitely something new for me; I’m no expert. But I have found it to be so rewarding. It enhances my life in ways I didn’t expect. What first drew me to smudging was the beautiful sage and palo santo bouquet created by a local artist (I even got to pick which crystal I wanted for my bouquet!), but the burning sage benefits of smudging are what kept me. Shout out to my friend Paola for introducing me to this wonderful ritual!

In order to get as much info out as possible, I’m answering a few common questions on how to get the most out of smudging:

What is smudging?

Smudging is the cleansing ceremony of burning sage that removes negative energy and invites positive energy in its place.

What is your smudging process?

I start with a short meditation to get into the smudging mindset. I disconnect from my to-do list and the usual day-to-day to become fully present. I then make a mental list of the intentions I want to set for myself, the coming week, the different spaces in my home, etc. I then light the sage bouquet and let it burn for a few seconds. I start by smudging myself: I move the bouquet from my feet up to above my head and back down again. I surround myself in the smoke and think about my intentions for the coming week. I often think about improving my work/life balance, taking better care of myself physically, and being kind to everyone I meet.

I like to smudge with Ryan, so he goes after me. When we are together, we share our intentions out loud with each other. We then walk through each room, corner to corner, speaking our intentions for each room. So for example, in the kitchen, we say things like “this space is the warm and welcoming heart of our home. We enjoy cooking together here and nourishing our bodies with healthy foods.”

How often should I be smudging?

You can smudge as often or as little as you’d like, from every day to before/after big life milestones. A good plan to start getting into a routine of smudging is weekly or monthly to start your week or month off with positivity and good energy.

Why is smudging beneficial?

Smudging brings your intentions and goals to the forefront of your mind. As with anything in life, you get out what you put in. The more thoughtful and intentional you are with your smudging, the more benefits you will see.

What are the benefits of smudging?

Smudging cleanses negative energy from a space and from within. Smudging can be used as a fresh start, after a negative experience, to get out of a rut, and more. The ceremony requires the setting of intentions, resulting in an energy shift.

I’ve found smudging to be a very refreshing experience. I try to do it weekly, but life happens and sometimes I’m not consistent. However, if I ever feel like I’m having a bad day or if Ryan and I are feeling off, smudging always helps. It keeps me accountable in my positivity and helps me stay on track of the lush life I want to live.

Have you ever tried smudging?

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