Caring for your Skin…

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April 14, 2012

Lush to Blush has given me the incredible opportunity to share with you a skin care line that I really truly believe in. Most women listen to the advice and opinions of their peers when looking or researching what to use on their skin, their hair, etc. I have truly been blessed with an incredible gift that you now know as Somme.

Believe me when I say that I wasn’t always concerned about cleansing my face. In all honesty, my morning were too rushed and my evenings were just a struggle to get to bed. I have a child who has an illness and my focus has been on her, even to the lack of caring for the simplest of things such as my skin. But I can honestly tell you that since I started using Somme skin care I don’t want to miss it! I have a few times, and my skin felt so dirty!!

I used to think that I needed something abrasive to really get my skin “clean”. Not the case. I have NEVER and I repeat NEVER used such a gentle cleanser that gets my face so incredibly clean. I truly do want everyone to experience Somme and all it has to offer. Visit today and read about the incredible clinical trials that prove through science just how well this line works. Also there you can read the story of Somme and how it all got started.

Somme was founded on a simple premise: “Skin care companies should deliver the claims they promise.” So true, yet hardly ever reality based. I can with complete confidence say that Somme meets that premise and beyond. I have had the pleasure of getting to work with the Director of Communications at Somme Institute and this is a person who truly cares about the needs of people in general. Do you remember a time when someone reached out to you or someone you love, not for their own selfish gain but because they just really care? That is truly a component of Somme. You might not read about it in a press release, but I, just an average every day Mom and Wife have this knowledge firsthand and want nothing more than for others to know that Somme Institute is so much more than a skin care company.