Cruella & Dalmatian Halloween Makeup

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October 15, 2021

I had so much fun creating these coordinating Halloween makeup looks! I always say that makeup is the best part about dressing up for Halloween, so I love thinking of new ideas every year. Do you remember my unicorn makeup and ice dragon looks from a few years ago?

101 Dalmations is a classic, but with the resurgence thanks to the new movie, Cruella, it’s more timely than ever. The pairing of Cruella and a dalmatian puppy works for couples, friends, siblings, and mom (or dad!) and baby.

Creating the Cruella makeup look was simple: a dark green smokey eye with winged liner, heavy contouring, and a deep red lip. I used a makeup brush in place of the cigarette and ordered a wig on Amazon. I obviously already had this fabulous black coat in my closet (thanks, Grams!) and the look was complete! If you need more of a guide, be sure to check out my Instagram Reel, which I had an absolute blast creating!

The dalmatian look was super quick and easy. After my usual foundation and bronzer, I added a ton of white shimmery highlighter in a circle from the top of my lips to just above my eyebrows, around my eyes, and across my nose from cheekbone to cheekbone. I topped it with some light eyeshadow to really make the white glow. Then I did one black smokey eye in place of a large black spot over one eye. On the other, I added black eyeliner and started the dots on my eyelid, and scattered them up around that side of my face. For the nose, I also used eyeliner to draw a little heart on the tip of my nose and connected it with a line to my lips.

I lined my lips with a deep red and then filled them in with a lighter pink. I very lightly lined the center of my top lip with black eyeliner and blended. Finally, I put my hair in high pigtails and threw on a dotted sweater. Adorable!

Check out my TikTok for a video highlighting the dalmatian makeup!

I think I will probably recreate this Cruella makeup look for Halloween, although I do have another pair of makeup costumes coming next week, so it might be hard to choose!

Do you enjoy doing fun makeup on Halloween?

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Photos by Ryan Carpenter.