Desk Styling Tips for an Inspiring Workspace

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March 2, 2019

desk styling tips, desk styling, inspiring workspace, working from home

Working fromย home can be hard for many reasons, but one that always gets to me is the lack of separation from work and home. I kept finding myself always working since there was no real break from the office to home. So to help with the problem, I bought a simple little desk from Target.

One of the most exciting things about my new workspace was the chance to decorate. To me, a workspace should be clean, functional, organized and most importantly, inspiring. I needed my little work area to be happy so I would actually want to use it, which I definitely do! Following the same guidelines I set for shelf styling, I think my desk styling turned out great!

desk styling, inspiring workspace, working from home

I started with the large blue art work all the way from Afghanistan. I found the pretty hues fresh and soothing, while the detailing is intricate and beautiful. Then I got a custom frame to fit it and to add a polished look.

desk styling, inspiring workspace, working from home

I think my favorite part of styling my desk has to be all the artwork. I can’t get enough of the cute little stripes painting (aren’t the gold accents amazing?!) and the typewriter is just perfect for a desk. I’m also obsessed with anything gold and/or Chanel, so the foil print next to my pretty pink blooms is perfect. Oh and I got these flowers from Petals on a Stem almost a week before snapping these photos and they are still kickin!

desk styling, inspiring workspace, working from home

Another important part of my workspace is my jewelry. I have so much of it and it is actually part of my work when I’m styling looks. I use my nested bowls to organize them and I also really love the sparkle it brings to my day.

Finally, I have my Whitney English life organizer and I seriously couldn’t manage without it. I take it everywhere. Stay tuned for a giveaway coming soon!

Do you have any desk styling tips for an inspiring workspace?

Photos by Johnny Cheng.