Dream Vacation Fridays: Morocco

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March 18, 2021

This summer (and every summer) L2B writers have caught themselves daydreaming about the perfect vacation. Being the young professionals and college students that we are, these fantasies are out of our reach…for now.

So every Friday for the next few weeks, we will reveal our dreams to you–with a coordinating outfit, of course.

Week 3: Thalia 

Ever since I can remember, I have been drawn to Morocco. Full of beauty and mystery, many a traveler has soul searched throughout its beaches and sand dunes. And who wouldn’t want to? There’s something beautiful to look at in every corner. I find that Morocco is the perfect blend of sandy desert and exotic beaches. You could very well spend a day at the beach, or go exploring dunes, spend all of your money shopping at a bazaar (Yes please!) or enjoy an authentic Hookah session. I can already imagine myself strolling down the streets of Marrakech. Sigh

I would pack outfits that fit into every scene of Morocco, whether on a camel or smoking hookah. I prefer comfortable outfits that won’t sacrifice my style. Skirts make it easy to keep cool, and a nice floppy hat will help keep the scorching sun off my face. I would keep my jewelry at a bare minimum, if only to avoid tan lines (Morocco sunshine is unforgiving, or so I hear).  As an avid backpacker myself, a sturdy backpack or rucksack is a must. Nothing beats a good quality backpack to hold my clothes, hygiene essentials and of course, my beloved camera. Speaking of essentials, I wouldn’t dare step outside without sunscreen. Anything between 30 to 50 SPF, because who wants to painfully fry in the sun during a camel ride through the desert?

  1. Skirt: $450.00 Jades24.com
  2. Halter Crop Top: $48.00 TopShop.com
  3. Minnetonka Ibiza Sandal: $50.00 Endless.com
  4. Turquoise Tribal Ring: $9.41 PullandBear.com
  5. Floppy Hat: $42.00 SimplyBeach.com
  6. Celine Audrey Sunglasses: $259 MatchesFashion.com
  7. Sun Bum SPF 50+ Sunscreen: $16 Swell.com
  8. Army Backpack: $63.00 SurfDome.com
  9. And a cute Camel for your viewing pleasure. 🙂

What would you guys pack on your dream vacation?