Effortless Wavy Hair Tutorial

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March 18, 2021


Ever wonder how some people just have that hair that everyone craves? It’s full of body, has natural waves throughout with a little bit of extra curl at the bottom. It’s like they just wake up that way! A few years ago, I was in your shoes and my sister was the one with the perfect hair. It literally always looked great and I never once saw her styling it; it just didn’t make sense! Until one day when she nonchalantly told me her secret. She simply twisted her wet hair into a bun and went to sleep with it wet. The next day she lets her hair down to reveal gorgeous, effortless waves.

Of course, it didn’t work perfectly for me since my wild, frizzy curls do not even compare to her naturally straight mane. I found out that the real key is to know your hair and to tailor this technique to what works for you. Determined to achieve the look, I did just that.  Here’s that I found works for me:

I start off by brushing my wet hair and applying a tiny bit of moroccan argan oil. Then I blowdry it, starting with the roots, since that is where my hair starts curling first. Finally, while it is still hot, I gather all of my hair and twist it into a low bun and secure it with a hair tie right behind my neck. *If you want your waves to start higher, make the bun higher on your head. I found that low bun creates the best look for me. 

Then in the morning, my hair is ready for the day. If you like to shower and get ready in the morning, this method works as well. Just make sure it is the first thing you do in the morning and have it in the bun as you finish getting ready and eat breakfast. Then take it out as you walk out the door.

What do you do to create effortless waves? Have you tried this method? Is there a particular styling product you use to achieve the look?