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February 14, 2014

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Ok, I have to admit it: I really hate cigarettes. I know a lot of other people do too, but I seriously can’t even walk by someone smoking without holding my breath. It’s nothing about the people who actually smoke the cigarettes–some of my family members smoke–it’s just the smell and smoke that I can’t stand. And then of course there’s the cancer. But what if I told you there was another option, even if you’re already addicted? Enter Freshcig Electronic cigarettes.

These electronic cigarettes offer fresh flavors like Strawberry, Chocolate and Spearmint. One thing I think is also good is that they offer some with a little bit of tobacco, which could help ween addicts off a dependency (I’m not a doctor, that’s just my opinion). These flavors don’t smell like smoke, so it’s really a great option when considering those around you!

Freshcig pastel range, electronic cigarettes

In addition to the flavors, has a new range of pastel colored e-cigs coming soon, to add a touch of pretty. Another perk is that these e-cigarettes don’t release traditional cigarette smoke; it’s more like vapor. Freshcig is are a great alternative to all the tobacco and other additives that regular cigarettes have. In fact, that’s why the company was started.

So while I’ve never smoked an old school cigarette, I wouldn’t be so opposed to e-cigarettes. I think it’s great that we’re coming up with alternatives.

Do you smoke? How do you feel about electronic cigarettes?

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