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Clinique, #faceforward

When you go through a traumatic, life-changing experience, it’s not uncommon to reevaluate your life, your future and just everything in general. This has happened to me recently and while it can be difficult to navigate, there are a few things that have certainly been very clear. From now on, I will focus on being present and living in the moment, all while taking proper care of myself. Today, I’m teaming up with Clinique to #faceforward and reflect on how I’m preparing myself for the future while living in the present.

In addition to working out (hoping it lasts this time!), I’ve been taking better care of my health by taking better care of my skin. I’m adding a new step to my routine: toner. I’ve always thought that I needed some toner, but it hasn’t been included in my most recent regimens. I’m currently trying out a line from Clinique (seen below). I’m really loving it so far and the moisturizer is extra important right now as well. The sun is really drying out my skin! It’s important now to prepare for the future by taking care of my skin.

Clinique, #faceforward Clinique, #faceforward

I’ve already experienced the effects of aging skin, so I’m very aware of how I treat it. In the future, I hope to have clear skin, free of blemishes. I hope to keep my skin hydrated and always protect it from the sun so I can avoid fine lines and sun spots as much as possible.

But inner beauty is just as important as (umm, so much more important than) outer beauty, so that’s another area I’m working on. I’ve always been a loving and caring person, but now more than ever, I want to make sure that years from now I am fondly remembered as someone who always treated people with lots of respect and kindness. So while I am making a commitment to live in the present and do what makes me happy, I have to be aware of others’ feelings at the same time. It’s important to get into the habit of treating people right. It’s all about balance, don’t you think?

Do you plan for the future or live in the present? How do you balance the two?

Photos by Johnny Cheng.