Fall Home Decor Finds

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One of the hardest things about decorating for fall is avoiding being basic. We all want to feel nice and cozy and embrace the change in season, but having a living room that looks like a “live laugh love” sign and a pumpkin spice latte collided is not the way to go about it. I’m kidding…kind of.

Decorating for a new season is going to be different for everyone because 1) everyone has their own style and 2) you have to work with your existing decor. When it comes to decorating for fall, I say less is more. This year, since I’m in a new home especially, I’m being very selective with what I choose to put out. First of all, I’m sticking to neutrals with slight hints of earth tones. Since my home is pretty white, I have a clean slate to work with. That is until you take into consideration my pink couch! I’ve found a few ways to work around that pink couch so that everything looks cohesive, yet festive.

Throw Pillows & Blankets


The first thing I always do is add seasonal throw pillows and a throw blanket. Bonus points if it can transition into winter (white and metallics are great for this!). Check out some favorites I’m considering to the left.


Then I move onto the plants. Of course, I’ll always keep my live plants, but when it comes to the fake ones, I’ll put the green ones away and replace them with more branchy plants like the ones below. And instead of only having white pampas, I’ll add some tan foxtails and other warm, rich neutrals to my vases. Dried flowers are also awesome for fall.

Fall Plants



Next come the pumpkins. This is one that has been much easier to incorporate in recent years with the easy access of mini pumpkins, but another great option is to simply paint real pumpkins. They last long enough until it’s time for Christmas decor and you can paint them by color that matches your color scheme. I’d obviously go with white and maybe a small gold one. See below for some faux pumpkin options.


Another thing I like to do is add some wood where you can. This warms up a space and brings a more earthy feel to a room. Think wood trays, cutting boards, baskets, etc.

Earthy Textures



Finally, you have to add some candles. Fall scented candles are always a plus, but I actually have a lot of these battery-powered candles and they are oh so cozy. I plan to bring them outside to my outdoor space as it cools down more. Can’t wait!



These small, quick touches can really make a home ready for fall while keeping things affordable and financially responsible. All that extra money can go to Christmas decor now!

What are your best fall home decor finds?

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