Fashion Q&A with Lauren Franklin of Face Fashionology

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March 12, 2012

Name: Lauren Franklin

Hometown: Essex

Age: 18 (but started blogging when I was 16)

Blog Name & Address: Face Fashionology (

How long have you been blogging?

My first official blog post was on 22nd November back in 2010 (woah that’s a long time ago!) but it wasn’t until the past year that I really started finding my feet and what I wanted to write about. But with all my modeling and Sixth Form work I just never have enough hours in the day to post as much as I like.

Describe your style in 3 words:

Only 3?! I can never stick to a word limit but ill try; erm… My style is quirky, playful and always tells a story! (close enough)

You call yourself a “Fashionologist”. Why did you choose that term and what does it mean to you?

The term ‘Fashionologist’ actually stems from a conversation I had with my dad, when I was about 10. He always used to say to me ‘be an –ologist, we don’t have an –ologist in the family.’ And the interpretation of my 10-year-old mind, obsessed with the industry that I’d grown up in, through my parents company, was that I’d become a ‘Fashionologist’. It’s got more sentimental reasons than anything, but, when I was thinking about the name for my blog, it kind of stuck. Style is a concoction of prints or fabrics or shapes and my blog is the product of my concoctions.

What makes your blog different?

My words. I started my blog as an outlet for me, to write, kind of like a journal is to some girls. I just love words. They can hold so much power to inspire and express and I guess that’s what FaceFashionology became for me; a way to express myself further than my day-to-day ensembles. My blog is more about what I’ve got to say, about what I’m wearing and how it makes me feel or what it makes me think about, rather than just ‘what I’m wearing’. It’s so easy to get lost in the web world and I didn’t want to be another blog that copy and pastes stories from existing magazines or is a collage of clothes. Pictures are what initially attracts a reader, but it’s the words keep them coming back!

In your blog you talk about bowties. Are they your fashion obsession at the moment?

‘Obsession’ was definitely the right word to use! I have quite an obsessive personality and when I like something, be it a style of clothing or a song, I will wear it (or listen to it) so many times that I become sick of it and then move on to the next obsession. But, yes! They are. I was looking though old pictures of my mum and I found one, where she was wearing a tail coat, top hat and a bow tie and that gave me an idea. However, no matter what shop and website I looked at they were either too expensive or too boring, so I decided to make my own. I think 8 is the total of my collection so far, and every time I’m in my mum’s sample-making office (of young fashion company: Miss Real London) I’m always finding old pieces of material that make the perfect addition to my growing collection. They’re such an easy way to add a little originality to any outfit, especially when you rarely see one around, and they just look so cool! As my post said; I’m one a one women crusade to bring back the bowtie!

Lots of people can follow trends, but the real talent comes down to styling. What is your first rule when it comes to styling an outfit? Do you follow any specific guidelines?

No guidelines at all! Fashion and style is a form of creative expression and there are no rules in art, its just emotion. I guess, if I had one rule it’d be to dress for yourself and not for anyone or to please anyone else. People dress differently to suit the situation they’re in and this is usually dictated by what’s ‘socially accepted’ but there’s no fun in that. If I want to wear my fur coat and highest heels to parents evening or my jogging bottoms on a charity shop outing, then I will (and the more looks I get the better!) And, if you’re dressing for yourself, and not how you think you should dress, then originality will be the greatest weapon.

Inspiration can come from anywhere. Where do you know you’ll get inspired? (Maybe a favorite coffee shop, a certain website, etc.)

There isn’t one place in particular that I know I’ll get inspiration from, it comes from my experiences. Take modeling for example, in this job I meet so many inspirational people from photographers and designers to other models and when you share a passion with someone, inspiration and guidance is abundant. Everywhere I go, I’m always looking for ideas and it’s when I can’t get something out of my head, that I know I’m onto my next obsession!

Finally, where do you see yourself in the future? What are your biggest dreams and aspirations?

As much as I love fashion and am thankful for everything it has given me so far, my writing is my ultimate passion and if I’m still writing in 5 years time, then I’ve achieved my biggest dream. I don’t know exactly what I want to write about or how I want to write it, but I’m sure, with experience and going to University in London, I’ll find my path. However, walking through the revolving doors of Vogue House in Hanover Square each day wouldn’t be such a bad thing, now, would it?

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