Favorite Things: Indoor Plants

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March 18, 2021


This past weekend, I was prop hunting for a photo shoot at Ikea. I love that everything at Ikea is so affordable–it’s the perfect place for decor tidbits and props. For some reason, I tend to skip over the plant section. I don’t particularly love faux flowers (unless they are fashioned into a crown) and I just assumed everything else they had was fake too. But I was delighted to find that Ikea actually has a wonderful (and affordable) selection of indoor plants. It’s great for me because since my apartment doesn’t get much light, I need to stick to certain kinds of plants. But it turns out that the plants at Ikea don’t need any sunlight, and not much water either. These indoor plants are perfect for people on the go that still like to enjoy a little bit of lush life at home.

I went with two cactuses (fine, cacti) and a succulent. I got all three for under $10 and I definitely plan on returning for more indoor plants. Next on my list is a hanging fern and hanging swedish ivy. Maybe a floor plant or two as well. These pretty, easy indoor plants are just perfect for a girl like me.

In a few weeks, I will actually be moving into a new home, so I plan to bring my ideas to life then. I can’t wait to share the finished product!

Do you have any indoor plants? Which ones are your favorite?