Favorite Things: Online Boutiques

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November 23, 2020

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If you’re a regular reader here at Lush to Blush, you may have noticed that the majority of my clothes come from online boutiques. Shopping online is one of my favorite things because not only does it expand the number of options you can find in a short amount of time, but it’s also a great way to take a break in the day.

It may sound shallow to some, but fashion makes me happy and so does shopping. Mixing and matching prints and textures and then pairing the look with accessories is something I love to do, so when I can take a break from the work day to do just that, it’s a little bit of a recharge for me. Plus online shopping has a lot more opportunities for saving money – yay for coupon codes! So to be more specific, here are a few of my favorite online boutiques:

South Moon Under: With an expansive selection of great dresses, tops and bottoms, this online boutique has something for everyone. I love the great range of items they have at all prices, and their sales are amazing. Luckily, we have one right down the road from me in Atlanta if I ever need something the same day, but I typically order online and the shipping is pretty quick. Oh, and they have men’s clothes too! Perfect when your man needs some help, ha!

Francesca’s: I’ll be honest, I used to think Francesca’s wasn’t the greatest. A while back, it was all gift items and a little too southern for me, but in recent months, they’ve really stepped it up. I go here with I’m looking for items for a specific trip or event because it’s super cute, but won’t break the bank!

Revolve: Ok, so Revolve isn’t exactly a hidden gem, but man do they have some great stuff! If you’re looking for guaranteed quality, then Revolve is a good bet. A lot of their stuff is pretty pricey though so just keep that in mind as you’re browsing through!

Shopbop: Although it’s last on this list, Shopbop is where I always go first to start out my online shopping sprees. They have all the newest and trendiest styles from designers as well as more affordable brands. The best part is, they ship through Amazon, so it’s always two-day shipping! You really can’t beat that. Plus, if you want, you can actually shop their stuff through Amazon! Protip: When they have one of their rare sales, jump on it – the deals are amazing!!

Do you enjoy shopping online? What are some of your favorite online boutiques?

Photo by Johnny Cheng.