Favorite Things: Sun Hats

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March 18, 2021

Photo by Johnny Cheng Photography

Photo by Johnny Cheng Photography

When I lived in Florida, it was summertime year-round. I never knew what seasons were really like and I totally took the gorgeous sunny weather for granted. Now that I have suffered through the winter here in Atlanta, I cannot wait for summer. Soon I will be unpacking all of my sundresses, sandals and sunglasses and spending as much time as I can outdoors. But the one downside of the warm breeze and high temperatures of summer is the harsh rays of the sun.

I am a huge advocate of skin care and protection from the sun. I always wear SPF on my face and sunglasses are a must, but there’s another accessory I am extra excited to wear again: sun hats! I am a big fan of hats in every season, but I think sun hats are my favorite. The lightweight material and extra large brim make them so much fun and they really add a level of chic to an otherwise mediocre look.

My style is all about the accessories. I stick with simple, versatile clothing pieces and style them in as many ways as I can using different accessories. And now I’m counting down the days until it’s appropriate to wear my sun hat again. In the meantime, let’s swoon over some of my favorites.

Do you like sun hats? What is you favorite summer accessory?