February Love in a Box Blogger Swap

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blogger swap, blog swap, love in a box

I am so excited to share the first of many in a new series: Love in a Box Blogger Swap! Last month, a blogger friend, Kimberly, started this blogger swap and I decided to join up with her to host it so we can spread the word and invite new bloggers to join us. So if you’re interested, there’s more info to follow. But for now, more about what I got and the blogger that sent it to me:

I was so excited when I heard I was paired up with Allison of Allisonleighann. Not only do I love her blog & just her in general, but she has been a supporter of my blog for a while now and I was really looking forward to sending her a little something to thank her for always being so sweet! You can check out what I got her over on her blog.

blogger swap, blog swap, love in a box

Allison did such a great job in getting me gifts that I love! She got me a vanilla scented candle (my favorite!), a handmade soap from a little mom and pop shop where she lives (it’s mint scented and I catch myself just smelling it far too often), some super cute thumb tacks, and an amazing kate spade notepad that looks like an old school library book card.

How awesome is my February Love Box?! You should totally head over to Allison’s blog and say hi.


Time for a link-up! Love in a Box is a monthly blogger swap hosted by Kimberly from Kimberly’s Chronicle, and Megan from Lush to Blush. Want to participate in the Love in a Box blogger swap next month? You can read more about it, and find out how you can sign up here. We’d love to have you!

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We would love to read about your swap! Stick around and check out what the other girls received in their swap this month.