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March 2, 2019

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For about a year now, I have wanted to buy a house. Living in a condo building has its perks, but I really want a space all my own where I can plant a garden and get my own packages right at my front door. Not to mention taking the dogs out will be so much easier and quicker! I’ve wanted to purchase property as an investment for a long time, but now it’s starting to feel more within reach.

I really love home decor. I watch HGTV way more than is normal for someone my age and I’m constantly trying to rearrange and redecorate to freshen up my space. So when I discovered this online home decor shop, I was in love. Scenario reached out to me and asked me to share my top picks from their site. I spent a full day browsing through every single item. I had to cut down my list by like 80% because I was so in love with everything. When I buy my own house, this is the style I want to have in my home office/closet.

I guess I really love white, gold, blue and purple. I think I would say my home decor style is clean, modern and feminine. I just love it all!

What’s your home decor style? Any home buying tips?