Football Season: Fall Charcuterie Board

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October 31, 2022

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I couldn’t be happier that it is finally football season. With last year cut short, I didn’t really get to enjoy it as much as usual – even though we did win the national championship – RTR! I grew up in a football house. Like I always say, we didn’t have much going for us in Alabama so we focused on football and boiled peanuts, ha! I’ve been a fan my entire life and wouldn’t have it any other way!

So when it comes to hosting, I go all out. To me, football games are a time where you indulge in fried foods, lots of cheese, and definitely nachos. I don’t know why, but that has always been my go-to for every game. This year, I decided to switch it up and try my classic fall charcuterie board with a football twist. For the actual board, I ordered an Alabama A online. You can do this with your team’s letter or letters. They also sell cardboard and wood letters and craft stores, so that’s another option.

When it comes to the food and decor items, I focused on red and white, Alabama’s team colors, to make it even more festive. To bring some fall vibes, I got some adorable little pumpkins and a mini cinnamon broom. I also found some leaf-shaped cookies, pumpkin seeds, and a pumpkin jam that was perfect for this fall spread. I placed eucalyptus and baby’s breath underneath the board and added some pretty red flowers. To me, flowers are essential to a good fall charcuterie board–or any charcuterie board for that matter! I just cut off the stems and place them strategically for a beautiful spread. Then of course put the leftovers in a vase to pull everything together.

fall charcuterie board, football hosting, football season, roll tide, alabama football, fall hosting

Usually, a good charcuterie board calls for wine, but in this instance, I went with beer since this is a football season charcuterie after all. I don’t know about you, but I can’t hear that crowd and those whistles without craving a good IPA! Overall, it turned out so pretty and perfect for a football Saturday with friends.

What do you serve at your sports gatherings?

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Photos by Ryan Carpenter.