Guy Gift Guide

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November 24, 2015

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I think it’s a pretty widely agreed upon fact that guys are basically impossible to shop for. Why does it have to be so hard?? What does he want?! I have quite a few guys I’m shopping for this year, so here’s what I’m getting along with some other ideas that will hopefully help you in your quest this year. Good luck!

Pick up a stylish passport holder for the traveling man and he’ll be cruisin’ in style for years to come.

These super versatile sunglasses go with just about any style. Whether your man is a hoodie kind of guy or more of a leather jacket sporting rocker, RayBans will go with his look.

Apparently the ball in golf matters? But only if he actually knows how to play. That’s what my boyfriend tells me anyway.

Get this cool gift for the crafty and experimental guy. I always thought these gifts were so cool and got confirmation during a conversation at a wedding this weekend. It’s a fun starter kit for the passionate beer drinker for sure!

I know my babe loves a cute sweater. Not only is it useful, but don’t guys just look so cute in them? Totally a win-win! Especially when it’s time to take those romantic winter photos!

6. Favorite Things Gift Box
Nothing shows your true love than a box full of his favorite things. For my guy, that would be cool , , a pretty plant, an and anything to do with photography.

7. Netflix Subscription
Is your guy more of a homebody? Instead of getting him a game or something he will use solo, grab a Netflix subscription and watch tons of movies and shows together all year long. It’s a gift that lasts!

I really hope this helps give you some ideas! Now help me:

What are you getting your guy this year?