Home Decor Obsession: Burlwood

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December 16, 2020

burlwood tabletop

When it comes to decorating, I’ve found that there are certain textures and patterns that really add a lot to a room. Boucle adds comfort, velvet adds a luxe feel, and matte black brings the cool. The same can be said for wood. In addition to the many common tones of wood (maple, oak, etc.), there are also different types that aren’t quite as easily accessible. One of those is burlwood and yall, it. is. gorgeous.

Like many things, I discovered burlwood after moving into my new home and going crazy with decorating. I make a decision to purchase only beautiful pieces I love as opposed to grabbing whatever I found at or . Don’t get me wrong, I still shop at those stores, but I’ve been so much more thoughtful about how I spend my money in my new home than I ever have been. I guess since I finally own, I’m taking it a bit more seriously with a longer-term plan in mind. I also decided that since I can’t travel right now, I would treat myself with decor pieces you’d find in a luxury hotel halfway across the world. Burlwood totally check every item on my list–unfortunately, my poor bank account doesn’t agree.

affordable burlwood furniture

Burlwood can be very costly, so it took some searching and I finally found a piece (or two) that I felt was worth it and splurged. If you watched my Instagram stories lately then you already know what I got, but I’ll keep it a mystery here until I post the room reveal within the next few weeks. Any guesses on which one of the below pieces I made mine?!

What do you think of burlwood?

Photos by Ryan Carpenter.