Hosting Essentials: Flower Arranging 101

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January 20, 2020

One of the most important essentials when hosting
anything is flower arrangements. They completely bring a space to life, solidify a color scheme, and can enhance any theme. It’s always the first thing I make sure to buy when I’m having people over and my favorite part of the hosting aftermath: I get a home full of beautiful flowers!

Don’t get me wrong, I do get fresh flowers for myself when there is no occasion or I’m not hosting, but hosting does provide the perfect excuse to go overboard on the arranging. When I’m arranging flowers for a party, there’s one thing I do that’s different: I get a ton of greenery and filler. For my last party, I spent about $50 on flowers total and I was able to make one large arrangement, 2 medium-sized arrangements, and 3 small ones.

Once I’ve made my selections at the store, my secret to arranging flowers is to start with the greenery, then add filler, then add the biggest/main flowers. It’s kind of backward from what you’d naturally do when arranging flowers, but it works like magic! My personal favorite greenery to start with is silver dollar eucalyptus. I mainly put it around the edges of the vase so it’s almost like the greenery is spilling out. Then I add true blue eucalyptus.

When it comes to the filler flowers, I typically choose white–something that can go with any arrangement. If you have a specific theme, then go with the accent color you’ve chosen for your event. The blooms should be small to medium-sized and low cost. Spray roses are great, as well as waxflowers, snapdragons, and hydrangeas. Another favorite is anemones. I typically go with at least two different types of filler flowers depending on the size of the bouquet. Always make sure to remove most of the leaves from the stems. You can leave one or two at the top if that is your preference. The base of the bloom should begin about an inch above the top of the vase.

Finally, it’s time to add the star of the show. Some of my favorites are roses (they’re just great for everything!), peonies, lilies, and ranunculus. Since it is the primary flower in the arrangement, you want there to be a good amount. You can usually go with just one type, but two would be ok too. Once these flowers are added, I’ll usually go back and make sure the arrangement as a whole looks balanced. I don’t typically add anything except maybe a stem of greenery or two. You can never go wrong with one more true blue eucalyptus stem!

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