Cold Brew Coffee Recipe

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March 2, 2019


I’ve heard of cold brew coffee before, but never really knew much about it. I knew that it seemed gourmet and I was intimidated by it. But after a little bit of research, I discovered that there’s nothing to be afraid of. Cold brew coffee is actually super simple and so worth it if you prefer iced coffee. I, for one, won’t be going back to my old method of pouring hot coffee over ice! This way is so much smoother and not acidic at all. Here’s how I make my cold brew coffee:

You’ll need:
French Press
1/2 cup Ground Coffee (coarsely ground is best)
4 cups Cool Water

Step 1: Pour the coffee into the french press.
Step 2: Pour the water into the french press.
Step 3: Stir the coffee and the water together.
Step 4: Place the lid of the french press on top of the container, but do not press down the filter.
Step 5: Put your french press in the fridge, or leave it at room temp if you want.
Step 6: Wait 12 hours. It’s best to do this at night so then when you wake up…
Step 7: Press down the french press filter and pour yourself a nice cold cup of cold brew coffee. Add in whatever cream or sugar you like (I use vanilla almond milk and Archer Farms sugar free toasted hazelnut sweetener).

And that’s it! You’ve just made some smooth, fresh cold brew coffee in the easiest way possible. Don’t be fooled by the clear appearance of the coffee; this stuff is strong! I usually drink two cups of coffee in the morning, but with just one cup of cold brew I am ready to conquer the world!

Have you ever made cold brew coffee? What method do you use?

Photo by Johnny Cheng.