How to Make the Most of Social Distancing

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May 5, 2020

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The world has changed a lot for most people in this country. We’ve all been advised to practice social distancing for the rest of the month, work from home (if at all), and wash our hands like crazy. Hopefully all these proactive measures will result in the outcome we’re all hoping for, but regardless, all we can do is play our part and do what is asked of us. So for those of us who aren’t used to being home 24/7, how can we make the most of this time without going stir crazy? Well, I have a few ideas, along with some tips from my fellow bloggers!


This one is at the top of my list since it’s my favorite pastime. Getting lost in books is one of the best ways to relax and separate yourself from everyday stress, which is useful now more than ever! I’m personally a big fan. I listen to a book every day, whether I’m doing some web design, cleaning, or driving, I’ve always got a book playing. It makes multitasking incredibly easy and much more enjoyable! I’ve shared reading lists before, and I have tons of book ratings on Goodreads, so be sure to check out my recommendations. And keep a lookout – I sense another reading list coming soon!

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social distancing, what to do at home, what to do in quarantine, what to do while quarantining, what is social distancing, how to pass time at home


If there was ever a perfect time for spring cleaning, it’s now. I will personally be participating in this one this week, especially since I’m moving soon. I want to go through everything, get rid of unnecessary junk, and sell clothes I no longer wear. I’m no organization expert, so check out this post for an awesome guide on organization!

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Work Out

While I’m definitely no expert in this area, I have friends who are. Working out at home using just your bodyweight or a few accessories is absolutely an option. I personally love Yoga with Adrienne on YouTube, which is 100% free.

Check out these at-home workout options: Lauren Elyce Home Workout Guide & Chelsea Patricia Bodyweight Workouts on Fit Radio


Indulge in Some Self-Care

Personally, this is one of the things I skip out on when I’m short on time. Not anymore! I just did three facemasks in a row, gave myself a pedicure, and have been blasting those essential oils. See my favorite self-care products below and share yours in the comments!

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social distancing, what to do at home, what to do in quarantine, what to do while quarantining, what is social distancing, how to pass time at home

Amp up your Online Business

This is what I will be spending most of my time on. While many of us are out of our usual day job, the silver lining is to focus on that side hustle. Back in 2013 when I quit my first ever 9-5 job out of college, I was searching for a new job and as I spent more and more time on my blog, I began to realize that it could be a possibility to take this thing full time. Back in those days, full-time blogging wasn’t really a thing, so I certainly never planned it for myself. Spoiler alert: I never got another job. All this is to say that free time to focus on your passions can make a big impact.

Try these five things you can do to build your brand NOW!

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Calm your Anxiety

Has your anxiety stepped it up a bit during these uncertain times? You ain’t alone. Mental health is something that is being recognized during this pandemic, but it is certainly nowhere near the top of the list of concerns. But it is something we need to all think about. Whether you’re already experiencing more anxiety than usual or not, save this list for some ideas of how to calm anxiety. I like to read, color, meditate, or do yoga.

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What are you doing to make the most of social distancing?

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