My International Travel Essentials

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When you’re flying internationally from the US, the flights are long. But when you’ve done it several times, you start to get the hang of it. Each time I travel on those long haul flights, I learn something new. So I figured I’d share my top essentials I need for international flights and all the tips I’ve learned in my travels. In addition to the basics like headphones and a scarf that doubles as a cozy blanket, these are my must haves for overseas travel.


1. Large checked bag with charging feature
I don’t usually check a bag, but now that I have this awesome Raden bag, I want it bring it on every trip. Not only it is super spacious, but it also has a built-in charger, which is perfect for layovers. I’ve wasted so much time searching for an outlet in an airport. That’s no longer an issue! Another really cool feature of this bag is the scale. You just download their app and sync it to your suitcase. Pack it up and it will tell you the weight! So perfect for long trips! Unless you’re a Delta Platinum member like me and don’t have to worry about weight restrictions (*insert hair flip emoji* and read more about the benefits of airline rewards programs here).




2. Carry on Bag
I absolutely love my Herschel duffel I got a few months back. I am always drawn to it because of the pretty pink color, but it’s the perfect weekend bag. This is the bag I bring on the plane as my carry on.



3. Personal Pillow Case
I’m sorry, but there just ain’t no damn way the pillows on international flights are clean. I mean, let’s be honest, airplanes aren’t the cleanest, so any chance I have to bring my own stuff, I take. And most importantly, my Savvy Sleepers travel pillow case. I am always so excited to bust it out and get cozy. Not only is is cleaner, but it also makes me feel that much more at home. I also bring my normal size Savvy Sleeper pillow case with me on my trips for the hotel or Airbnb. Can’t sleep without it! If you don’t know about silk pillow cases, you’re missing out. They’re good for your hair and skin and I swear they make such a difference!


4. Olay DUO
Omg, I love this thing. Everyone brings shampoo and conditioner on trips, but what about body wash? This little pad has NO liquid, so you can bring it in your carry-on (perfect for trips where you’re not checking a bag!). The soap is in the middle and it has an exfoliating side and a sift side. It’s like the best of a bar soap and liquid soap combined! I’ll be honest, I tried to save this for trips only, but I got hooked and use it at home. Oops.


5. Extra Moisturizing Lotion
Every time I fly, my skin gets extremely dry. Like the absolute worst. I make sure to always bring the butteriest most intense lotion possible. Lately I’ve been loving Tula Moisture Locking Hand & Nail Therapy. It actually gets the job done and doesn’t have an overpowering scent. Perfect for in the air and everywhere else!




6. Solid Perfume
I may be late to the game, but I just recently discovered solid perfume and I think it’s amazing! I never know what to do about perfume when I travel because I definitely don’t have any under 3.4oz. So when I don’t check a bag, I just couldn’t wear any during the whole trip. That is, until I found out about The Soap and Paper Factory Solid Perfume! I’ve been using Gardenia and it’s perfect. I love bringing it on the plane to freshen up after (and sometimes during!) those super long overseas flights.



7. Dove Dry Spray Deodorant (mini size)
I’ve been using Dove Dry Spray for years now, but I never brought it on trips with me because it’s over the liquid limit. But when I was in France, I found the smaller size that I brought with me on the plane on the way back and it has been pretty much the best thing ever. I use Dove Dry Spray because like it says on the can, it works for 48 hours. I have to confess: I’ve had that dreaded moment where I realized I forgot to put on deodorant. But with Dove Dry Spray, I’ve been good! Plus there’s no residue at all and I love the scent.


8. An Eyemask
While most international flights will provide eyemasks, it’s always better to be safe. My absolute favorite is NSFW, but there are tons of cute customizable options on Etsy. I use eyemasks all the time at home because I love natural light…but maybe not so much in the early morning.

What are your travel essentials?