Laundry Room Makeover

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December 16, 2020

woman in laundry room

Laundry! How exciting! While doing laundry definitely is not my idea of fun, designing a laundry room totally is. Having a washer and dryer in my home has always been a requirement for me as a renter, but as a buyer, I dreamed of a large room complete with counter space, a beautiful farm sink, and glamorous style. Well, as we all know, compromises must be made when buying a home and my poor laundry room dreams were squashed. I ended up with a laundry closet. Wire shelving and all. Cue the violin for my first world problems.

While I rarely actually do laundry (thanks, Ryan!), I still want my laundry room to be cute. So when I had my custom closet put in, I asked them if they could also do the laundry room. I actually got to design the layout which was so cool! We went with three cabinets and a rod for hang drying things. We also added a countertop above the washer and dryer.

It seemed a little bare, so I searched for the perfect shelves to add some warmth and contrast to the all-white setting. I discovered Ultra Shelf and they immediately won me over with their live edge floating shelves. I ordered two at custom lengths and they fit perfectly. It still seemed a little plain, so I had the idea to add some wallpaper. I played with the idea of doing wall stickers. Maybe a large pink flower or two? After spending hours on Pinterest, I started leaning towards doing a backsplash style placement with a faux tile wallpaper and my hunt began.

I found quite a few pretty options, but none of them seemed realistic enough. I started narrowing it down to blue because that just feels clean to me. I finally found this gorgeous blue tile print from an Australian company and I knew it was the one. I had tabs open of the other wallpapers I was considering and there was no comparison. I only needed one roll for such a small space and the price was well within budget. I’m so glad I went with it because I feel like it makes the entire space.

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I added some faux eucalyptus for decor and I feel like it really brings the space to life. Now doing laundry doesn’t have to feel like a chore! I will let you know if I ever get around to doing it myself – ha!

Have you ever decorated a laundry room?

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Photos by Ryan Carpenter.