Low Side Pony

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October 21, 2015

ecotools, low side pony how to

I often find it hard to switch up my hair style. I have like 2 go-to styles and they’re both down. So over the weekend I decided to have some fun and experiment. I ended up with this simple side pony that is so easy, but looks put together and carefree at the same time. Love! Here’s how to do it yourself:

ecotools, low side pony how to

Step 1. Blow dry hair using the Ultimate Air Dryer brush. The unique design dries hair 40% faster for a quicker prep time and less overall heat damage.
Step 2. Using the Ultimate Air Dryer once again, lightly twist while brushing 1-2 inch sections of hair.
Step 3. Create a part down the side of your head in front of your ear. (Choose the side that has more hair, depending on where your natural top part lies.)

ecotools, low side pony how to
Step 4. Gather your hair at the back of the neck into a ponytail. Pull it to the side and when you’ve achieved the desired height, secure it with an elastic.
Step 5. Spray the front section with your favorite texture spray. This will give it grip and hold for a long lasting style. For some extra volume, spray the same texture spray at the root of the ponytail.
Step 6. Grab a 1 inch piece from the ponytail (I usually grab a straight, uncooperative piece) and twist it around the elastic, covering it completely. Secure the wrapped around piece with a bobby pin in the part of the ponytail that is hidden against your shoulder. Feel free to loosen it for a messier, playful look.
Step 7. Spray all over with a light-hold hairspray.

ecotools, low side pony how to

What’s your favorite hair style for fall?

Photos by Johnny Cheng.