Dulini Private Game Reserve




Sabi Sands






Breakfast, Restaurant, Bar, Pool, All-inclusive, Airport Shuttle, Parking

Sabi Sands is a private game reserve that is actually connected to Kruger National Park. There’s no barrier – animals roam free from one to the other. The difference is that Sabi Sands is private. You can only go on a safari there if you’re staying in a lodge on the game reserve. Sabi Sands Game Reserve consists of a group of private game reserves, including where we stayed: Dulini Private Game Reserve. On the Dulini grounds, there are three different lodges. Ours had only six rooms, so there is a maximum of twelve guests at any given time, allowing complete individual attention for each guest.

After arriving on the private airstrip via Federal Airlines, we were picked up in an open-air safari vehicle by Isaac, who remained our tracker for the entire time we were there. On the ride to the lodge, we saw impalas, kudu, giraffes, and wildebeests. We even saw elephants roaming the grounds when we got to Dulini! Overall, the stay at Dulini is probably the single most life-changing travel experience of my life.

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