Major Sale Alert: Express

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March 18, 2021

Today I went to the local mall. I was reluctant since I already knew “Treasure Coast Mall” is a dud, but I really had no choice. I needed some new pants! Lately I have been obsessing over bright, wide legs thanks to this picture:

Now obviously Lucy should have gotten these hemmed, but wow! Aren’t they just amazing! I am totally dying for the blazer as well, but for a combined price of almost $800, it’s safe to say I will never own this set. But at least I had some inspiration for my trip to the mall.

My first stop was at Macy’s. I figured I could at least find what I was looking for in the BCBG section. But of course, this particular Macy’s didn’t even have a BCBG boutique. What a joke. I dug through gross INC clothing and old lady suits with hopes of finding a hidden treasure. I had no such luck and finally gave up about an hour in. After the disappointment, I decided to walk around the mall and search for any decent store.

I finally saw one store that was worth walking into: Express. Normally, I don’t find anything good in Express, but today was different. I had in mind exactly what I wanted: cobalt blue wide leg work appropriate pants. I search for a while, walking past a lot of cute neon tops that I wanted, but didn’t need and finally came to the suit area. It was all so boring: black, grey and white. All fine if you work corporate or something, but not my style. I decided to keep browsing and after lingering in the colored denim area, I found them–cobalt blue work pants–there was only one problem, they were not wide leg! I was sad, but decided to try them on anyway. Luckily, an employee spotted me and came to my rescue. He led me to the sale rack which to my surprise had one pair of wide leg pants left! They were red, but bright nonetheless.

When I tried them on I knew I had to have them. They are the perfect pants to say “I work hard, but I look good doing it.” After a price cut of about 50%, I was satified, only to find out that they were an additional 40% off of the sale price! I scored these amazing trousers for just $35! The cashier then informed me that if I spent $15 more, I could get $25 in Express cash to use in a couple weeks. I took the bait and perused the clearance bins at the front of the store. Here, I found the lovely tank pictured above, along with these snakeskin sandals:

My total came to just $63 (!!) making today an amazing day! Next time I see Express, I definitely won’t just walk by. This just goes to show that you can find some great deals in unexpected places! Thanks, Express!