Makeup Investments vs. Drugstore Brands

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March 18, 2021

I strongly believe that what makeup we use on our face is very important. In the past, I have had a lot of trouble with my skin as far as acne and sensitivity–most women do–and it was really crucial for me to find a moisturizer that did not burn my skin or smell bad. After all, who wants to put something that smells bad on their face? It can be hard to figure out which makeup to invest in and which makeup to buy at the drugstore. I’ll let you in on what I found works for me.

I discovered that Lancome worked very well for me. It may be an expensive makeup brand, but I could not help but notice the results. When I use their moisturizers, my skin stays very smooth and it works well when applying makeup. Most of their creams have sunscreen built in with the moisturizer, so when you’re out and about in the sunny weather, it protects your skin, which is vital in skincare (wrinkles and redness? Um, no thanks!). I have tried most of their creams, and they all work about the same for me. Your skin type and age really has an impact on which one you use. You can always have an associate there help you to find the perfect match for you.

I have had a lot of luck with all of their products, not just moisturizers. My favorite mascara is from this company, “Hypnose Drama”. I love this mascara because it volumizes my lashes and lengthens them. If you love bold lashes, you will love this mascara. For something less dramatic, I would try their “Hypnose” or “Definicils” mascaras. I just purchased their oscillating primer, and it makes all the difference. This primer separates, lengths, and gives my lashes great volume. I have also tried their other primer, “Clis Booster” and it works well also. I think the oscillation aspect of the other one, makes my lashes not clump together.







LANCOME MOISTURIZERS: $50-$100 (full size)

The foundation I use is also from this company. I use the Oscillation Powder Foundation in Ivory 20. I love this foundation because it gives great coverage and is buildable. I will never use anything else on my face because it feels like I am not wearing any foundation. The only annoying thing with this foundation is the holes that release the powder tend to get clogged. I just take the tip of a pin and unclog them. I also use their eyeshadow primer and eyeliner pencil. They are both good products too. The eyeliner pencil goes on really smooth and the eyeshadow primer works well with all different shadows.

Since it is summertime, I have been using my bronzer as a blush. I have been using a very economical bronzer by Wet n Wild from the coloricon collection. I have to say it’s really great! They have three different shades of bronzer: Reserve your Cabana, Ticket to Brazil, and Bikini Contest. I use the darkest bronzer, Bikini Contest.

All in all, I think it is very important what you use on your face. Skin is the largest organ in our body and it is important to take care of it to stay healthy. Using foundations and moisturizers with SPF is a great tool to help prevent skin cancer. I would suggest investing your money in a good makeup brand. Even though Lancome can be expensive, they usually have promotions through Macy’s and on their website. Most of the time you can get free gift(s) with your makeup purchase. This usually includes other makeup items.