Meet the Nellie Girls

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As I announced back in January, I joined the team at Nellie Magazine: A Guide to Shining Brightly in the Everyday. I love everything that it stands for and it felt like a perfect fit. But for now, Nellie Mag is going on hiatus. But for good reason – the Editor in Chief, Natalie Borton is pregnant! Yay!

During my time at Nellie, I got to work with and know some really incredible writers and bloggers, so now I’d like to share them with you!

Art in the Find
A California native. Self-proclaimed closet style junkie, cuisine exploring, travelista. I’ve always had a secret passion to do more, see more, learn more. I love a warm cup of coffee in the morning, a glass of bubbly at night (or anytime for that matter), making new friends, a great book, & my next vacation (always in the works!). I may have quite an addiction to Doritos and I’m obsessed with anything related to dachshunds.

Art in the Find, along with my styling business & blog was created out of a love of sharing what I find with others. I believe there’s an art in the find. Art in the Find is a place where you can find style inspiration, the occasional DIY idea, features on small businesses & my recommendations for fun places to eat, stay, and shop!

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The Balanced Life
Robin Long is an in-person and online Pilates instructor. The Balanced Life, is dedicated to helping women take a balanced, guilt-free approach to health and fitness. She’s a healthy-foodie that’s passionate about changing women’s relationships with food, exercise and their bodies. For loads of encouragement and free Pilates workouts visit her website and connect with her on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest.

The Lipstick Gospel
Stephanie May is equal parts writer and celebrator who believes that even Tuesday is worthy of a champagne toast. She believes in the healing power of a warm cup of coffee and a place to let your guard down. For her, that space is, where she shares stories of big adventures and small moments with friends and strangers alike. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter (@lipstickgospel) and stay tuned for her first book coming Summer 2014.

I feel honored to be in the company of these lucky ladies at Nellie and encourage everyone to check out their wonderful blogs. I’d also like to share that I have joined the team at Zooey Magazine and am super excited about my new journey!